Monday, February 25, 2013

Week Six

Whats been happening at the Hospice.
Cat-patting. Gary is missing Spacey and has been enticing this rather lovely Burmese to hang out with him.
We have been for a trip to the bottom gardens to feed the ducks and check out the roses. Photos coming. A trip to Port Chalmers via the old motor way to see the Ralph Hotere Garden and eat some hot chips.
Sat-late afternoon on the spur of the Moment, we zipped out to Broad Bay and tried out the new Spa pool that our friends had speedily installed. Much to Garys delight. It was awesome.
All this activity has tired Gaz out.  
He is still Gary and creating and generating scenarios and planning and organizing his trips and his day down to small details, but he is getting a bit puffed..or as we put it today losing his puff. 
The last two days Gary has napped and slept with not much awake time. Every time he wakes and realizes how much time has gone by he feels distressed. There could be lots of reasons for this. A new Med regime which is still settling. Activity. The progression of disease, where fatigue is to be expected. Today he has a temperature and has a headache which is being monitored to see what happens with it. Whether it is related to Metabolic changes or an infection. A wait and see.
Today I made a plan for his Puff. We are to be the wind in his sails. Sometimes I lose my puff too and its good to do things that fill you up.
I picked up Hana and she is reading out loud to him. Gary is much pleased at this arrangement and is keeping himself awake listening to her.
Zach just massaged his feet :-).
I have been walking each morning up to Chingford park and hanging out in the bush. I loop around the track a couple of times. Its great. The last couple of days I put on a play list that Macker made and walked a bit faster. I also did some journal writing 7 pages that helped clear my head and made a creative list I can refer to when Garys sleeping and I get a bit lost, will post that at some stage on my Art Journal blog.

Hurrah for Sock Monkeys.
These wee guys belong to a lovely woman who was in the next door room. She spied my sock monkeys and asked about them.
I connected her up to the Katarina Thorsen Video, , helped her with some cutting out and she's away. She had three made in as many days with orders for more. She said she has never made anything like this before and was a bit nervous (as I was in the beginning) with the cutting out. She is a perfectionist aand her monkeys show this, very neat monkeys. Not like my scruffy ones:-). I love how they turn out so differently. I was wrapped to see the monkeys appearing. The power of sock monkeys is not to be underestimated.
The grey and blue one is called Mervyn.
(K) if you are reading this, thank you for your note and kind are an awesome monkey maker. I wish you every best.:-)

Grateful for God
Sock monkeys
People who cook me food 
Zucchinis for reliable prolificness. I am microwaving them at present with chili, fresh tomato, spinach and wee bit of bacon.At the end I mix in some grated cheese and black is my dish of the fortnight. Not sick of it yet.
Compassionate staff
Trees in Chingford who dont mind hugs and people telling them their problems(they have heard it all before)


  1. Glad you are recognising that you need to refill too....still keeping you in my thoughts. xx

  2. Hi Kat.
    Thanks for the update. GT is in my thoughts daily so its really great to hear how he is getting on.
    Take care.


  3. Gorgeous cat and sock monkeys, Good on you for passing on your skills and your creative talents. LOve and hugs MUm

  4. Chris sent Gavin a text - Gavin is going to pick some of 'your' cooking apples and take them to work - then I will leave them at the Hospice reception - probably Friday.


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