Saturday, June 26, 2010

Its saturday,its June and there has been a time slippage in the last month.I have one eye on Gary resting on the couch and one on my computer. He is recovering from having had surgery on monday. A large tumor has been removed from his back.
Time has been fast and too slow at the same time.Too many thoughts on the loose this week. When I am at home I am ok and clean and cook and care for my man.But when I am away I am unanchored and drift towards sharp rocks. The air becomes salty.
I prayed today for calm and it has come, I can breath again. Deep belly breaths.
I prayed last night and opened my bible in Amos who was very stressed out with lots of bad stuff happening. I didn't feel like reading that.I glanced to the side and in the in the middle of the page a box encircled a recommended psalm. Psalm 139. I read it out to Gaz and we slept.
New curtains arrived yesterday. Roman blinds. William Morris fabric- Tangley in green.
Very beautiful. I can now sit in my living room with my back to the window without shivering.
I havnt added any more to my painting of Hana with bird of paradise plants. This is still looking at me. But I have had a quilting lesson with my friend Ruth which was encouraging and I have spent alot of time ironing fabric and sorting since it, the ordering and stacking has been soothing.
I am getting baptized next week at church. Flagstaff union. Dunked in a big pool. Seems like a lot of water for one girl.I am working out what I am going to say. Will keep you posted.