Monday, September 27, 2010

Pencils for SAMOA

I am collecting pencils and small stationary items for a local school in SAMOA. Dave at our local TRADE AID store in dunedin suggested this when I asked what I could do when going to SAMOA to contribute and he said pencils and stationary..also came back with rugby balls (bit bulky this time I think..we are taking two little ones).Gary is ringing airline for details on excess
Gary and I spent the day yesterday digging sheep poo from under a shearing gold..dunedin tea. My vege's are going to be very pleased. We have been planting like mad and getting tidied  to go away.more work required on lawn the rough weather has cracked the surface and it is a bit deserty.
Off to shag point tomorrow with Dad to check out his white-baiting spot and his new abode. Photos will definitely be posted.
Gary's back is healing well now,it has taken a long time..Aloe vera organic coconut oil and papaya ointment have been the order of the day, along with some paraffin gauze squares, Radiation burns are tricky and icky, they go deep and seem to repair from the inside out. He is looking well.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Check out Kimberly's website it is great.I have been browsing her Samoa link, Fantastic photos.I am so looking forward to going there.

Just went shopping...

At Hereweka Gardens. (Open for garden tours, they have a cool plant nursery, plus a new cottage for overnight stays.) How much fun to go shopping on an icy Saturday just around the corner. I have bought some fabulous plants. Double white Hydrangas, some singles and one blue.Two black mamakau tree ferns, two silver ones, and a cool climbing vine which looks like a jungle plant,(will have to check on name) plus anemonies and a bunch of others. Photos tomorrow. :-D

Macrocarpas and snow in the city

This morning at the bench,
I had words that made sudden sense in my head.
I thought them out as a line of perfect poetry.
And then as I made scones from wholemeal flour
and boiled barley and lentils for a salad.
They disappeared.
Later as I chopped vegetables for soup
pieces of them surfaced as air does when a fish breathes.
There was a roaring feeling inside of me that sounded
like the macrocarpas that fringe our boundary.
Gary says it is a nor easter wind that does this. I think
it is creativity that needs a voice
and when the trees are roaring its time
to write or paint or sew.
I remembered that Michael Harlow always said to keep a notebook handy to jot down these things.
Mine was shelved in the studio, tucked away.
I shall have to wear clothes with pockets just in case.
And Sue rang to say it is a fairy wonderland in Helensburgh today

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garys surgery scheduled for October the 21st

So for all those people who look at my Blog you are the first to know. An email and more Blogging on Gary's site to follow.
It is really good to know and to have something to work towards.It is one of those things that you try not to think about and yet it is there in your head the whole time. We didn't know whether the earthquake in ChCh would have an impact or not. It seems as if the hospital is sound.
Gary is apprehensive.
I am too.
The timing is good..we have a few days to get organized after Samoa.
Today the Monkey man came out an took down some more tree tops. He is very agile and large pieces were sliced off.
I have been gardening and cleaning. A wee bit of a donkey on the edge today.

Early morning..check out the new grass

clever chickens

gorgeous seaweed from Dianna

my Macca playing Jack Johnson

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From a blog I am following. I love this.I hope they don't mind me reproducing it.


postcard with nasturtium illustration. from Jill. “Leonard Cohen notes: ‘there is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All 'loved up' and energy levels starting to rise again

Wel we are feeling all loved up after the last few days. Some refugees arrived from Christchurch in a camper complete with a new Spoodle called Maz and Kath's lovely mother-Lyndall.
 Kath, Kim and their two boys were like a family of energizer bunnies.Washing taken in and out.Wood chopped stacked.There was rarely a Gap when Kath wasnt in the sink. Kim and the boys chopped and chipped and were generally lovely. Lyndall has come up with some great ideas for the garden in the front of the house. I will take some pictures and keep you posted.
They bought some lovely goodies from Riverstone Kitchen which I have have been enjoying on my toast. Yum.
Saturday night T.C and the Empress (Jane) arrived and we had a great dinner played a fun game called Empires and headed down to the Portobello Pub for the Rugby. Good fun!
 Sunday was sunny and warm and we got stuck into the garden and tidied. It was really encouraging to see some progress.
I also planted a gorgeous Blueberry which my mum bought Gary for the end of Radio therapy. It is waving its leaves at me today, enjoying its new home. Dark purple fruits and vege are said to be very good and anti-carcinogenous .Bring em on I say!


This week two new things have arrived
A rather smart Glasshouse which is loving its new home and a fabulous new bench made out of an old desk top. I believe from the IRD, I could be telling porkies though.
I am sitting at it with my back to the fire and it is fantastic. It has changed my whole kitchen. Mr Vliestra came down today and completely sorted it and fixed every other broken thing as well. As Barbara is fond of saying he's a real 'macgyvor ' and it is true.
I have some pasta sauce bubbling on the stove and the house is cleaned and tidied-I love it. Fresh sheets on the bed.My darling is away up the road buying a caravan with my Da for his white-baiting spot. I shall have to get a photograph. He is buying it from ChCh and wanted company on the way up the road.They are staying at Aunty Heathers tonight and heading home tomorrow.
Gary and I havnt been apart for months now and I think we have got used to being together.I am liking it. It is certainly a learning curve sharing territory.He called out this morning that he was in our art studio...hmmmmm not sure about that one.
I am ready for him to walk through the door now.

"Good things these boys don't live in the same town or there would be trouble" Kath Preston

Monday, September 6, 2010


This young boy and his sister 
on their skipping way to school 
and everywhere tossing shouts
of laughter into the air. In a shower

of light on the bright whitewash wall 
of the Church of Saint Dionysia, they throw
their shadows. They sign themselves
and their animal friends, letting words

talk to each other; they tell their dreams.
They do no less than risk delight: despite
every dark thing there is in the world, 
there will always be music. And they
wonder: what is the name of this song?

lawn scribbles
darlene and ginger Redpolls..they look like they have been dipped in paint

Blossom on the skylight after rain

the last day of Radio

Monday the last day of Radio therapy whoopee

It is very calm here this morning..crazy winds last night, very interesting being on a headland in a norwester.
The last two weeks have been slow and hard.I have been trying to decide the best phrase for this and I keep thinking ..'there is no enjoyment in this'. It is a plod and it is relentless.Gary is very 'Zapped 'physically and mentally.I always find the connection between what is happening in our lives and how it is reflected in our bodies enlightening. This has had a run on effect through all the family..Me being sick for the whole of August didn't help things as I am the energy bunny at present. I am also his driver and as you can all imagine Gary loves being But he is tad tired to focus and knows it is a good thing.
We are both looking forward to the next few weeks and are planning some day trips and overnighters. Get out and about in the big wide open.
The garden is having its last bit of construction for this year in the Veggie patch. Gary and I are 'in discussion' as to what materials to use..any suggestions are gratefully accepted. We are building a few small walls.
I am buying a glasshouse which is exciting.We have finally decided where it is going which is great as now I can design the rest of the garden around it.
The kids have just walked in the door and informed me that the roads are closed, they are completely delighted with themselves and are getting changed into mufti.
Gary has just tucked back into bed with the paper and has changed his times at the hospital for later in the day.
Waxeyes are in the blossom tree
the cat is beside me on a tiger blanket
Rye toast is in the toaster
washing is littered about and it is time to eat and tidy