Monday, September 27, 2010

Pencils for SAMOA

I am collecting pencils and small stationary items for a local school in SAMOA. Dave at our local TRADE AID store in dunedin suggested this when I asked what I could do when going to SAMOA to contribute and he said pencils and stationary..also came back with rugby balls (bit bulky this time I think..we are taking two little ones).Gary is ringing airline for details on excess
Gary and I spent the day yesterday digging sheep poo from under a shearing gold..dunedin tea. My vege's are going to be very pleased. We have been planting like mad and getting tidied  to go away.more work required on lawn the rough weather has cracked the surface and it is a bit deserty.
Off to shag point tomorrow with Dad to check out his white-baiting spot and his new abode. Photos will definitely be posted.
Gary's back is healing well now,it has taken a long time..Aloe vera organic coconut oil and papaya ointment have been the order of the day, along with some paraffin gauze squares, Radiation burns are tricky and icky, they go deep and seem to repair from the inside out. He is looking well.

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