Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All 'loved up' and energy levels starting to rise again

Wel we are feeling all loved up after the last few days. Some refugees arrived from Christchurch in a camper complete with a new Spoodle called Maz and Kath's lovely mother-Lyndall.
 Kath, Kim and their two boys were like a family of energizer bunnies.Washing taken in and out.Wood chopped stacked.There was rarely a Gap when Kath wasnt in the sink. Kim and the boys chopped and chipped and were generally lovely. Lyndall has come up with some great ideas for the garden in the front of the house. I will take some pictures and keep you posted.
They bought some lovely goodies from Riverstone Kitchen which I have have been enjoying on my toast. Yum.
Saturday night T.C and the Empress (Jane) arrived and we had a great dinner played a fun game called Empires and headed down to the Portobello Pub for the Rugby. Good fun!
 Sunday was sunny and warm and we got stuck into the garden and tidied. It was really encouraging to see some progress.
I also planted a gorgeous Blueberry which my mum bought Gary for the end of Radio therapy. It is waving its leaves at me today, enjoying its new home. Dark purple fruits and vege are said to be very good and anti-carcinogenous .Bring em on I say!


This week two new things have arrived
A rather smart Glasshouse which is loving its new home and a fabulous new bench made out of an old desk top. I believe from the IRD, I could be telling porkies though.
I am sitting at it with my back to the fire and it is fantastic. It has changed my whole kitchen. Mr Vliestra came down today and completely sorted it and fixed every other broken thing as well. As Barbara is fond of saying he's a real 'macgyvor ' and it is true.
I have some pasta sauce bubbling on the stove and the house is cleaned and tidied-I love it. Fresh sheets on the bed.My darling is away up the road buying a caravan with my Da for his white-baiting spot. I shall have to get a photograph. He is buying it from ChCh and wanted company on the way up the road.They are staying at Aunty Heathers tonight and heading home tomorrow.
Gary and I havnt been apart for months now and I think we have got used to being together.I am liking it. It is certainly a learning curve sharing territory.He called out this morning that he was in our art studio...hmmmmm not sure about that one.
I am ready for him to walk through the door now.

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