Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunshine photos

Off to the beach first morning Coloundra

View from our apartment

Noosa cafe Journalling

Sand Dreamings Noosa

Cambells Ham pre christmas

Christmas day

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunshine bubbles

Well Gaz and I are back from our gorgeous bubble of time in the Sunshine coast and its straight into Christmas. Time goes quite fast.
We had the lovliest time away.It was interesting to be by ourselves (first time) and plan what we wanted to do. As it turned out eating was a top priority and we turned into hungry catapillers and ate our way around the Sunshine coast.
Our first night we stayed in Coloundra with an old friend and collegue of Garys. He treated us so well and cooked an amazing dinner of prawns and sea trout and the most delicious wine I have ever tasted. It kind of set the bar for the rest of holiday.
We headed up to Noosa after that and stayed four nights. Two on Hastings street and two on the river. Felt a completely different place.
Our routine consisted of a morning walk for me then breakfast with Gaz. A walk to the beach for a dip as by 8.30 it was very warm. And then back to our hotel or apartment for a shower then coffee. In the coffee shops I sketched while Gary read the paper. The days were spent eating lunch or gathering food and a late afternoon swim and then tea. Very decadent and blissful-mostly. Travel days even thou they were short, were tiring in the heat. The air-con was greatly appreciated in the car.
We absolutely adored the beaches which is why we went. The water was a perfect temperature 22 degrees, and nice waves. Noosa had baby waves, Mooloolaba a bit bigger and Coloundra was about right. A good proper wave size that made you squeal-well me anyway.
Its a funny thing being on holiday.I worked up to the last day, swapping shifts and getting the house sorted and organizing who would look after Zach (I am always uncertain about leaving my boy and the animals.) And then packing, unpacking re-packing. Shopping for the house here. And then whoop whoop you're on a plane and four hours later on Holiday somewhere different negotiating that difference.
Alain De Botton says it well in his book The Art Of Travel - He had been talking about all his woes and thoughts as he lay on a beach in Barbados and had an epiphany  He says 'A momentous but until then an overlooked fact was making its first appperance: that I had inadvertently bought myself to the island'
Gary and I reminded ourselves of this every day as worries and fretfulness paid a visit and we practiced being away. We also did a rather spectacular WHO dance every now and again, out of Horton hears a Who. WE'RE HERE WE'RE HERE WE'RE HERE. Looking at each other and waving our hands in the air. It reminded us that we were on holiday and it was an adventure. Because it really does take practice to know you are somewhere else.
I read most of Joyce Meyers book on dealing with anxiety and prayed for centering. I have been pondering mindfulness lately (it is a big buzz word in Mental Health.) and I have been paying attention to how I approach it. I do a breathing meditation which I love, Deep rest.
 'Rejoice in this day the Lord has made' .
I find it so good, it brings me back fully to the present, as I look around and see that in this moment it is good and Gary is beside me, My children are well.
Christmas has was good. Glorious hot day on Christmas day.We all went down to the wharf and went swimming it was sooo good.Warm in the water, very unexpected. Food was yum and some nice cocktails. Elderflower and and limoncello with sparkling wine. Perfect summer drink.
My kids all got animal onsies which was hilarious and a total delight for me and Gaz.We wemt to bed at the end of night talking abiout our nearly grown children running around the house dressed in animal suits.
A flying squirrel,a totaro and a wolf. They ran and played all the section.
Mango had a buzz cut for summer and is very thankful to be trim.
All you need is love la la la la la

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Junk drawers and mindfulness

Two things that stand out from all the other ideas in my mind this week are Junk drawers and Mindfulness. Somehow these words are very compatible.
My Mother was a teacher (a very dedicated one and creative one). One of the tasks she set my sister and I at the beginning of the school holidays was to tidy the Junk drawer.
Another one of her favourite distraction tools was to get us to find 20 things that fitted in a matchbox. This organizing and tidying has spilled over into both my sisters and my life in very different ways.
I always start in my Studio by tidying or re-presenting the area. Sorting and handling my stuff centers me and gives me space to think.
My sister has the most amazing home filled with things she has and is collecting and it is all sorted and catalogued. It is completely jaw dropping at times. She has a very eclectic eye and what she gathers is so quirky. It will all eventually end up in an art project or re-puposed into something amazing. But the organizing and storage is something to write a book about. Next time I am in Welly I shall get some photographs.
Mums Junk drawer had everything in it..matches to broken christmas ornaments needing mended as did mine. I am a bit more ruthless these days and  only allocate certain useful things to live there like serviettes, batteries,matches, candles and staplers.
Part of this is a settling in my thinking as well.
Mindfulness is a big buzz word in Mental Health and I have being figuring out how it is applied. Meditation is something I have done now for maybe 6 years ( a bit irregular  at the moment) and mindful ness ( for me-paying attention to where I am, stilling and recognizing intrusive thoughts, appreciating peeling a potato,  concentrating on the conversation I am in and just being) is something I do naturally now..although at times when the anxiety kicks in( GAZ) I have to work harder.
Recently the Anxiety took a hold for about 3-4 weeks and no amount of what I knew helped. Too much forward thinking happening. What did help was Prayer and working out where faith fitted with Mindfulness. What I came to was 'Rejoice in this day the Lord has made ' Out of all of everything else these words did it for me and Poof anxiety gone.
I love this phrase and the practical knowledge of mindfulness and meditation bought it to life for me. But it would not have happened without prayer first. Good reminders for me.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Summer time

News of the week Peoples for those who don't read Gary's Blog. Gary is a walking miracle. His secondary tumors in his lungs have shrunk to invisible (doesn't mean they are gone but seriously reduced).He had a 5per cent chance of success at the beginning of treatment and it has worked. I am with the thought that God grants time and that is what we have received. Another summer with Gaz is a work of prayer.


When I was buying my new shoes I struck up a conversation with one of the two lovely women who were working in the shop. We connected in many ways.
She gave me an analogy of grief that I really liked. If you can imagine a red spodge and then soften the edges. That is your grief. Then draw co-centric circles around that grief and that is your life that you build around it. A similar analogy of working through things and acceptance rather than getting over stuff which seems impossible at times and very unrealistic. When I showed the picture to two colleagues this morning they both shared a different views. One said it looks like tree rings and the other approached it as energy that needed work to disapate it or it could become embedded. Both make sense. Kim (colleague) tells me that knots are important to let the sap same idea different words..people are clever. The  image I am left with is of Heartwood and a strong tree.
Gary and I are off to Aussie next week, catching up with friends and some nights on the Sunshine Coast.
Hurrah! Prawns and Coopers are high on my list and swims and sun and art and gum trees and and ...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Minnie Coopers -in love with my..

Gorgeous new shoes I bought with Wendy in ChCh this weekend. I wasn't going to buy them.... but! Wendy tried some on and I thought why not..once I had them on my feet it was all over. They are gorgeous and comfortable and I don't want to take them cowboy boots may become thats a shock for anyone who knows me. Who am I kidding I live in Dunedin..good excuse to wear everything all year round.
Where I bought them, was in the new Container mall that has sprung up.  I didn't look around all of it, I decided after the shoe purchase that it was best to leave and not look anymore. 
But what I liked particularly about it is that it is very accessible. Before the shoe shop would have probably been placed somewhere exclusive and I wouldn't have just walked in. A decision would have been made to go there and being sensible I wouldn't have (again who am I trying to convince?).
To use a word that may be sensitive for the area it is a great leveler. The shoe store was just around the corner from the sausage sizzle stall (had one of those too..mmmm gluten free and delicious). And back to back with gift store and Scorpio books. 
The containers are small bites and cosy.  Colourful and simple, I liked them very much. Now if anyone reading this is keen on Minnie Coopers, I would suggest a visit..the two Ladies who were in the shop the day I went were fabulous and kind and went all out to sort out what was needed without any pressure. I had a super time. Very impressed with the sales and service.
Christchurch itself wasn't a shock as the images in the Media and friends stories had prepared me for what I would see..but what I came away with was an impression and feeling of unrest. 
Time with friends and their beautiful familes was fabulous but the city itself and getting around was exhausting. The dust got to me, the constant construction noise and the activity everywhere - building, constructing demolishing. I so felt for everyone living there and the constant 'dealing' with stuff that everyone has to do. No rest. 
I felt "mismothered'  down town. A term used when dogs get lost in the hills and their bark echoes around and bounces back so they cant find their way home. I just couldn't figure out where things used to be, It wasn't until Kath said the container mall was where we had lunch last time we were up that I clicked and the puzzle fell into place. I had something to locate myself too. I asked Wendy if she was sick of people like me coming in awestruck and questioning and she replied 'no we need people to keep seeing how it is for us'  I understand that.
Today I am sitting in my piece of heaven on the Otago Peninsula counting my blessings..birds are singing, my dog is wuffing quietly at them and new red (feel like home) shoes are on my feet.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rhubarb Friands

From Allyson Goftons Blog

I used Rhubarb(cooked) in mine and unfortunately they were delicious and I ate two.
Not sure why I had never made them before, but I can highly recommend.
A good day had Journalling,cooking a bit of gardening and housekeeping.
Gaz went and got wood for the deck..beautiful Macrocarpa.

Serves: 4
½ cup flour
1½ cups icing sugar
1 cup ground almonds
1 fresh mango
6 egg whites, lightly beaten
175 grams butter, melted
2 tsp vanilla essence
1 tblsp grated lime rind
1 tblsp lime juice

1.  Sift the flour and icing sugar into a bowl. Stir in the ground almonds and make a well in the centre.
2.  Cut the sides from the mango and peel. Slice one half and dice the other. Set aside.
3.  Beat the egg whites lightly until they begin to foam. Pour into the well with the butter, vanilla essence, lime rind, juice and diced mango and fold together gently.
4.  Three quarters fill 8 well-greased and paper lined muffin tins or friand moulds and garnish each with the remaining mango slices.
5.  Bake at 190°C in the centre of the oven for 20-25 minutes until the friands are firm to the touch and have shrunk from the sides of the tin. Cool in the tins for 2-3 minutes before turning out onto a cake rack to cool.
6.  Serve warm dusted with icing sugar and accompanied with mascarpone or sweetened whipped cream.

in place of a fresh mango use canned, well-drained mangoes or try sliced fresh or canned peaches or apricots.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What good is God

Is Philip Yancy's book I am currently reading.
It is grounding and enlivening..trying to find the right words here. It makes me feel pleased to have found it. He is a solid clever writer and brings the extra-ordinaryness of God and spiritual matters to life in real terms. I just finished the chapter on C.S. LEWIS and found it very inspiring and a relief actually.
We have a few people in our life at present, who are in the what we would call the more extreme arena of faith. These are good people with good hearts and good intentions but who are also somewhat 'fire-engineish'.
They rush in or come with a sense of urgency and tell us what we need to do to cure Gary, I get targeted first (as if gary cant make up his own mind). And then proceed to tell us what we need to do cure Gaz. We need to pray in this way and attend this meeting, read this scripture.
What I am left this after these visits is the feeling that I am failing. I am not praying the right way, Its my fault Gary has tumours because I think differently to these people and don't do what they do. I logically know this is not the case but it is hard when faced with people who are ' experienced christians '
At every second I ask my self..what are my motivations, what else can I do. I pray in my way every day..maybe it isn't scripturally correct..but it says in scripture that God knows what is in our hearts before we pray it he just wants us to know it.  Love and faith like a child seem important. And trust; All things happen to bring us closer to God if we let them.
So while I try to soothe my anxiety in relation to these visits by seeking my own answers through prayer, I am also starting(very tentatively) to find an articulate voice that can answer to them also. Getting firm in my own beliefs...shaky ground and pitfalls abound when you have a loved one who is very sick. I cannot imagine where I would be without God in my life, this process would have torn Gary and I apart. I wasn't strong enough before.

Ayrlies at Whitford.
I have also just read a lovely article in the latest Life and Leisure Magazine about a Garden and its maker.
It was beautifully written and stitched together. Garden faith life and intent. What to do and how to do it. Made me feel better about where I was. Made me want to Garden and made me want to write. Pretty good really.
The writer (Kate Coughlin ) writes about the owner's (Bev McConnell) faith at the end of article.
Included is  some awe-inspiring photography (Tessa Chrisp).  What I particularly liked was the practical integration of faith at the end of the article and a reminder that Love is the most important principal of all..she provides an explanation.
'Love is the accurate estimate and supply of someone else's needs'
and of course if unsure' take it to god in prayer' . Made me feel I was doing something right because I can and am doing that.
The line I am left with from the article is

God will not give you anything you cannot handle.

leaf walk Otematata

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Towards Summer

Gary is tucked up in bed after this last round of Chemo. So so sick this time..his body has had enough of chemicals and resilient as it has been, it is letting him know that there is a limit. I was working today and Sue Carr bought him home with Macker..they did well between them. Its the first time I havnt been there to look after him and I experienced separation anxiety at work today. I have called in sick tomorrow as he asked and cant be left. He is pleased, and work hopefully is fine about it. A good team up there. I always feel guilty about calling in sick but cant be helped.

I bought two pieces of popcorn by Madeline Child and put them on my wall to remind Gaz and I to be playful and enjoy life in the next few months. Its been a hard slog lately and while I feel pleased to see the lovely things like blossom and friends..some of Joy has been missing and my thinking is a bit negative..time to spring clean my brain and a bit more God time. Maybe a lot more..hard to fit everything in..I tend to pray in small bites these days..lots of gratitude and relief and 'Lord help me's'. Good but a bit like eating lots of healthy snacks and not sitting down to a well prepared meal.
Tonight I have lit the fire and am about to have a bath. Zach has exams this week
This week holds some more work for me, recovery for Gaz, family visits. Wishing you all an awesome week.
And one of my favourite songs by Jon Foreman.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A good week

The sun has made a few appearances, spring is definitely here.
I went to the gardens in the week and was momentarily stunned by the magnolias..the size and colour and form are something to see and wonder at.
I took Gary back with Macker and Zach on Sunday(after church) and we wandered. Gary and Mac in one direction Zach and I in the other. Zac and I ended up at the bird cage with Zach informing me about the habits of the parrots he identified.
And then a yummy lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant down town. Needless to say gary and I were exhausted by all this goodness and did some serious napping when we got home. Great to be out and about thou. Gary is feeling so much better and has made a decision to pop his head up above water.

We are enjoying Rick steins far Eastern Odessy on tele and I have bought the cook book to inspire some yummy dishes. So far have made Redang curry, delicious!
Achievement around the house this week;
- Studio finally sorted and tidied
- Chicken coop strengthened; to stop the wee dog pushing thru for snacks and the annoying brown chooky escaping into my vege garden. Gaz made a gate and put up tin. :-). We are both feeling good for the activity.
- Glasshouse and surrounding area prepared and ready for tomatoes
- Stuff stuck into my art projects book, so I can find and refer to it when drifting around wondering what to do to occupy myself..those times when housework just doesnt cut it!

Off for three days study tomorrow. I have to say the SDHB are good employers. The new Grad programme is a gift.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pet Bananas, Mushy play lists and spring

About two weeks ago Gary called out to me from the kitchen "whats this? ". Me being in the far end of the house called back" I have no idea Gary, I cant see it,what does it look like?'
(This does happen a fair bit these days as Gary goes from A To B purposefully and rarely visits C unless he has to. Too sore, too sick).
He called back "Well its small and its brown... it looks like a Pet Banana".
 I came through to the kitchen rather quickly at that stage as I assumed Gary had taken the wrong medication, but no he was simply making comment on my wee bit of banana that I had left on the bench. I eat small pieces of Banana when I take my glucosamine and fish oil it makes then easier to swallow, so we usually have bits in our fruit bowl. Since Gary has been home he is much more interested in the regular daily activities of the house. 
I looked at him  'Gary, what! are you talking about' He pointed at the banana end and and said ' this this here, your pet banana, it sits around like a pet and hangs about waiting for something to happen, what do you want to do with it?  I got the giggles, examined it (good for another round I thought) and put it back in the fruit bowl.
But since then I have become aware of many other things in our house that the Banana could keep company with. Lots of things that have become pets, but not ones that give much back,like the lovely spacey faithfully purring for Gary each time he lies down. Books furniture magazines and clothes, kitchen stuff.. I started sorting and tidying and chucking stuff out (yes me the recycling queen) out with it..feels good too. I have been gardening (rose pruning and weeding), started some paintings just backgrounding quickly and cooking good food for Gaz.
My kitchen has had a sort out and it feels great, underneath the fridge and those fun jobs.
Gaz got home from his forth round on Saturday, I picked him up and bought him home. So good to be able to do that. I have had good shifts and it has been working out ok. This has been the best round so far as I was off Friday and return to work Wednesday so have been able to be Gary's arms and legs. He really cannot manage on his own until at least Wednesday but muddles through if there is no choice.
The Chemo is working and shrinking the tumours in his Lungs, not all of them and they havnt all disappeared. But there is more time.
Gaz will decide next week whether to continue the chemo. At this stage the oncologist feels that it has done its work and its unlikely to do any more..but nothing is certain and no-one knows, its all estimates and guesswork. (albeit informed guesswork). We will find out if there are any further options of chemo in the future at our appointment.
It is so cruel and while it shrinking tumours and we are 'relieved' I think that is the right word..we are also so so deeply sad. Gary's quality of life at present is marginal. He has no energy and feels sick and tired all the time. There has really no pick up period between chemo cycles like last time. 
The Olympics were a great distraction.
We have been making play list for each other which as I completed mine realized that it is nearly impossible to make a lists of songs that are exactly right and communicate what you want to say... mine was a bit mushy..I have to rejig some. Think I needed a bit of ACDC in it. 
One of songs I put in it was this one by Emmylou Dolly and Linda and its a keeper. I do love it. 

Every day is Bird by Bird.

We had a weekend away in Oamaru a few weeks ago stayed in PEN-Y-BRYN Lodge.
I would recommend it. We took books and slept and read and ate. I didn't know I was so tired until we got there, we both came back feeling like we could face things again and that we had had a real break. The weekend was courtesy of Koorb consulting, a thank you for Gaz for a job. Big thanks to them!
We went out to Mud sweat and tears at Wingatui and watched Zac and Brandon slide around. Had lunch on friends...Kimbo. Kath Paul and Barb..nice chops from Silverfern Farms and salads-Yum. 
Always handy having event orientated generous friends.:-)
Friends and family  have been fantastic, cooking for us, walking my dog, helping with deck plans driving Gaz to chemo when I am working, ringing emailing. I am afraid I am not very good at replying at the moment to texts and enquiries, so I hope this answers and few of those unanswered ones that have passed by.

28.8.12 (the next morning)
Gaz would like me to write that he has decided he has a good quality of life and that it is all relative. He says he is enjoying his food, having good conversations and reading some good books. I am pleased that comment challenged him.We are both enjoying the birds which are in our blossom tree every morning.It is right out side our bedroom window and we can sit with cups of teas and watch them feed on the is very entertaining.At the moment he is looking forward to Port Salute and relish on toast and is quite animated about it.

Friday, July 20, 2012


 Oh Yeah and Calvin..Gary wants to chop that Gum tree who knew!
Gary and I gardened today and tidied and cleaned up stuff..We had the best day thanks to these "fellas" and are feeling the Love.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some stories to tell and photos to post

The first story is one of a pillow case with names and pictures that the lovely Lynn Taylor organized for Gaz. He loves it. And the colour suits him, which is always a bonus. It is for his Chemo so he has friends with him when he is in hospital. The second pillow case got pinned on the wall and people drew on it. I still need to Photograph that one.

The second story is of paint and brushes and garden gnomes that actually garden and chop wood. There was a huge quantity of garden gnomes and their friends in my garden and house in the is totally transformed. Walls are painted, wood is chopped and stacked..trees have been trimmed cut and timbered. Fences built.
Its a funny thing seeing so many people on a mission for good. Gary was very pleased to see all his friends. Photos posted tomorrow.

The third story is one of food and care.
Over the past two years we have been well looked after food wise..this weekend cakes and squares arrived from ChCh which were demolished enthusiastically by hungry gnomes and painters..Preserves and delicious lemon Curd form Oamaru. Cheeses rolls and bacon and egg I know some came from Oamaru, and I am fairly certain the rest came from Timaru with more baking..if we were a small continent it would be fairly international....So a big thank you from me to all the wives behind those good men..where would they be without you!!! You know who you are.
And a huge thank you to everyone who came and who participated in helping in all the ways and forms this weekend..whether by actively being here or giving your men space to be is much appreciated and makes a huge difference to what we are now able to do to the section. We can tidy and puddle and sort. It was all a bit overwhelming before. Gaz and I are a bit tired this week..been a big few weeks all up but we are looking forward to some gardening on friday and we actually feel enthusiastic.
Ooohh almost didnt mention mention the delicious Ham, Bacon AND Steak from Campbell's Marvellous Butchery in Oamaru,,the sausages are stashed safely in the freezer...mmmm I have been eating ham and sheeps feta on toast every day for lunch. Delicious!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The lovely Gazza and his super Purry Cat

This week is feeling settled. Last week was quite busy getting through Chemo and adjusting the drug regime all over again. Gaz doing really well despite feeling sick and sad and sore. He had a hairy day mid week when he was quite sore and unsure of what to do, but he picked up the phone and rang the Pain team at the hospital and they are great. This morning we had the community team from the hospice visit and check in with us about what we needed and what they were able to assist with. There is alot of support out there which is comforting.
We had a great meal last night with our dear friends which was heartwarming. We lit the fire in the lounge and ate good food and chatted. So nice to be able to cook a nice meal for them.We have been well taken care of lately with meals dropped off.
We are in the middle of organizing some things to be done to our house to finish it off so we can swan about the countryside doing things we like. The Oamaru Old Boys Dream Team are flying and driving in to complete essential tasks. I think I will make a few fruit cakes.
I only have two days of work this week and its my birthday so thats exciting..yaah. My wee sis flying down from Welly with her folks..looking forward to that.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Ok so I havnt blogged in a while and the reasons are..I have started my new job and feel a little time poor, although the hours the great and the job is good and the staff are supportive.
I catch up on everything else on my days off and even thou they are plentiful they are never does that work?
I have been distracted lately waiting for Gary's scan to happen.The week before its almost impossible to concentrate on anything and we just circle around things. Furniture, the dog who seems to always be close to our feet, each other and big highlighted circles appear around around thoughts and words that seem so clumsy and inadequate.
This time it was harder, as it was the sort of scan that defines what happens next.
In between scans when news is good we live in a bubble. An enclosed space of protection.
This weeks news changed all that.
Gary has metastases throughout both lungs and of the size that they are impacting his functioning and breathing and he is in significant pain. The news from the scan came the same day Gary was experiencing pain. His back and abdomen went into spasm to protect his lungs as his body was reading signals that this needed to happen.
He has been into hospital and the pain is sorting itself with some new drugs. He is currently working at home and we have been cuddling and playing lots of scrabble.
I can write this now as I feel calm. People are praying for us. I know this because you can feel when the prayer kicks is the most amazing feeling. I think it is a bit like Gary's horse tranquilizer he was given when he first went into hospital. Gary and I decided that prayer anesthetizes our heart pain. The whole world needs more of it.
We are both looking forward to chemo which seems a contradiction in terms but it is an extended life life for Gaz. It will shrink the tumours and give him quality of life back. Gary really is an amazing person to be with. He is funny kind supportive, did I say kind. His spirit is such a shiny button.
When I was small, my nana used to give me the button tin to sort through and count I always went for the shiny ones and made treasure piles imagining how I might use them. She taught me to sew and I made soft toys with button eyes.
When Hana left home I was so sad, I went to the salvation Army shop in Mosgiel and sorted buttons on the beds at the back for about an made me feel alot better.
I feel better when I am near Gaz than away.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

these are the stories we tell ourselves

It really good..Im amazed at how easy the process has been. Doors keep opening and I go through.
Its great, I love it.
Occasionally with certain people I share my uncertainty..mainly that sometimes I am scared. Performance failure..people will guess that Im not really a Nurse but an Artist after all. It will be to do with the fact that I ask questions out loud, that I speak too much or light up around paint.
After my first longer stretch on the ward this last week, I started to find my voice and feel a little more confident. I am looking forward to going back and seeing what is happening with people. I have a plan for the Activity room and am starting to restock it and have taken my Art journals in..two clients were a little engaged with the idea which encouraged me.
I like caring for people, I like puzzles and helping people figure out stuff.
The doors that keep opening..its true they do..people have been enormously kind and supportive..I never expected any of it.
these days off I am going to do some Art journalling , some reading, have some Quiet time, garden and gather materials (thats the plan anyway) and have my parents for tea.
Track my girls down as I havnt seen them for a while..missing their beautiful faces.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In a square foot of my garden

turret shell shaped fungi have sprouted,  a miniature universe of wonder

there are dahlia's flowering, dying and budding,they have been doing this since November.

Zac and his friend Brandon keep on growing and eating

Gaz and I went to The flagstaff camp for a day. I did an Art Journalling workshop
and Gaz slept and played
Cabbages have been chopped and insides admired.

I have started back nursing. It is good..important to remember I am a nurse. On the Ward it is fine but in class I respond more like the Artist I have more recently been trained to be. I think it will all mesh and work out, but at the moment it is a process of wonderment and application. 
Gary is very enthusiastic about my paycheck. I used the first one to pay off the Dick Lyne painting that I had put a deposit on months ago at The Brett McDowell Gallery.

 Very beautiful, I think. I blog these day in a Kauri forest sprinkled with Ponga's.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

All About the World

Last week
my friend’s daughter Cassandra
asked me in a small voice
of wonder, if I wouldn’t mind
could I tell her all about the world?

Today she
telephoned and said I’m going to tell you
about poetry, since they had been hearing
poetry at school

Un huh, I said
because I couldn’t think of anything else
to say, and besides it had been hard work
not telling her all about the world

She said then
lowering her voice, letting me in
on a big one, Poetry is when words sing
I could hear, I think I could hear that already
she knew enough of ‘all about the world’
to keep her singing from time to time

And then she added,
since she was in that kind of a hurry,
About 100 years from now, trees
will be called very important people.

Michael Harlow

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quilt in progress

                                           Zac's sunflower

Fairy cakes Hana made

Laid out on our bed - its going upstairs to a wee double room. All it really needs is a border now, but I am going to applique and stitch birds over it.I have used a mixture of fabric,all natural fibre so I think when I have stitched it all down it will sit fine.