Saturday, November 17, 2012


When I was buying my new shoes I struck up a conversation with one of the two lovely women who were working in the shop. We connected in many ways.
She gave me an analogy of grief that I really liked. If you can imagine a red spodge and then soften the edges. That is your grief. Then draw co-centric circles around that grief and that is your life that you build around it. A similar analogy of working through things and acceptance rather than getting over stuff which seems impossible at times and very unrealistic. When I showed the picture to two colleagues this morning they both shared a different views. One said it looks like tree rings and the other approached it as energy that needed work to disapate it or it could become embedded. Both make sense. Kim (colleague) tells me that knots are important to let the sap same idea different words..people are clever. The  image I am left with is of Heartwood and a strong tree.
Gary and I are off to Aussie next week, catching up with friends and some nights on the Sunshine Coast.
Hurrah! Prawns and Coopers are high on my list and swims and sun and art and gum trees and and ...


  1. Have a super lovely time on your holiday...sounds like just what you may need. xx

  2. Happy holiday time! Come and see our baby chickens when you get back.xx


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