Thursday, November 1, 2012

Minnie Coopers -in love with my..

Gorgeous new shoes I bought with Wendy in ChCh this weekend. I wasn't going to buy them.... but! Wendy tried some on and I thought why not..once I had them on my feet it was all over. They are gorgeous and comfortable and I don't want to take them cowboy boots may become thats a shock for anyone who knows me. Who am I kidding I live in Dunedin..good excuse to wear everything all year round.
Where I bought them, was in the new Container mall that has sprung up.  I didn't look around all of it, I decided after the shoe purchase that it was best to leave and not look anymore. 
But what I liked particularly about it is that it is very accessible. Before the shoe shop would have probably been placed somewhere exclusive and I wouldn't have just walked in. A decision would have been made to go there and being sensible I wouldn't have (again who am I trying to convince?).
To use a word that may be sensitive for the area it is a great leveler. The shoe store was just around the corner from the sausage sizzle stall (had one of those too..mmmm gluten free and delicious). And back to back with gift store and Scorpio books. 
The containers are small bites and cosy.  Colourful and simple, I liked them very much. Now if anyone reading this is keen on Minnie Coopers, I would suggest a visit..the two Ladies who were in the shop the day I went were fabulous and kind and went all out to sort out what was needed without any pressure. I had a super time. Very impressed with the sales and service.
Christchurch itself wasn't a shock as the images in the Media and friends stories had prepared me for what I would see..but what I came away with was an impression and feeling of unrest. 
Time with friends and their beautiful familes was fabulous but the city itself and getting around was exhausting. The dust got to me, the constant construction noise and the activity everywhere - building, constructing demolishing. I so felt for everyone living there and the constant 'dealing' with stuff that everyone has to do. No rest. 
I felt "mismothered'  down town. A term used when dogs get lost in the hills and their bark echoes around and bounces back so they cant find their way home. I just couldn't figure out where things used to be, It wasn't until Kath said the container mall was where we had lunch last time we were up that I clicked and the puzzle fell into place. I had something to locate myself too. I asked Wendy if she was sick of people like me coming in awestruck and questioning and she replied 'no we need people to keep seeing how it is for us'  I understand that.
Today I am sitting in my piece of heaven on the Otago Peninsula counting my blessings..birds are singing, my dog is wuffing quietly at them and new red (feel like home) shoes are on my feet.

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