Monday, May 30, 2011

From My friend Jane Malthus in regards to a wallpaper query from me

Hi Kat,
lovely to hear from you - i think of you often!
Have looked at your lovely wallpaper and sundry of my resources here, but no definitive answers popping up. My thinking is that it is early twentieth century rather than later - because I think it would be more stylized if it was later than 1920s. Crysanthemums and daisy like flowers were quite popular on 1920s dress fabrics, then again in the 1940s. Not necessarily very helpful.....
lots of love to you and yours

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More from my Journal




This wallpaper and scrim was pulled out of the walls when we did some renovating recently. The paper was stuck face down on the scrim and placed between boards on inside walls. I like it! If anyone can guess the year, I would love to know. The house was built in 1914 so there almost a hundred years to play with

Easter Otematata

little distractions

I just reread the quote from C.S Lewis..about doing things in the present really..not waiting for the right time or in my case the tidy time.
I read that and think yes go for it Kat and then I found myself today saying to a friend 'well yes I shall start drawing probably in a month or so when The builder has left...the plumber has finished and my studio is started'.....hmmm.
The tidy time isnt actually going to come for a while..althou..when the laundry is built on the outside of our house..I shall be able to set up my paint studio better and I will be able to walk in and start...paintings and drawings are lining up in my head and I am getting itchy fingers..I have done some more art journal pages and started others.
The laundry at present is in my shed and runs off an old zip..Be gone large appliances I say!
I did go to one day of my IDT course, but as I repeatedly read the days wrong of when it was, I only attended one day( the second day of a four day course),and now have to go to wellington to re-do the entire programme.
Actually I am looking forward to it and it was a valuable lesson to double double check check things.I am getting more right brained as I get older and details and forms sometimes take on different shapes.My speelling is deteriorating too.
Things are taking shape in the house and as I know from previous experience with writing and making..if I just start I will have a place to return too and will be able to keep going..Pages like bookmarks.

Friday, May 20, 2011

check this out

from the back fence

I felt the need to blog something.These photos were taken about a month ago..the sea was the most amazing..reflections are so much deeper and more magical.
Been busy catching up after Garys last chemo and vacuuming the house.Builder is almost finished and Roofers left on Thursday..slowly slowly we are putting things where they belong.
More to a couple of days when I get my head around writing.