Wednesday, May 25, 2011

little distractions

I just reread the quote from C.S Lewis..about doing things in the present really..not waiting for the right time or in my case the tidy time.
I read that and think yes go for it Kat and then I found myself today saying to a friend 'well yes I shall start drawing probably in a month or so when The builder has left...the plumber has finished and my studio is started'.....hmmm.
The tidy time isnt actually going to come for a while..althou..when the laundry is built on the outside of our house..I shall be able to set up my paint studio better and I will be able to walk in and start...paintings and drawings are lining up in my head and I am getting itchy fingers..I have done some more art journal pages and started others.
The laundry at present is in my shed and runs off an old zip..Be gone large appliances I say!
I did go to one day of my IDT course, but as I repeatedly read the days wrong of when it was, I only attended one day( the second day of a four day course),and now have to go to wellington to re-do the entire programme.
Actually I am looking forward to it and it was a valuable lesson to double double check check things.I am getting more right brained as I get older and details and forms sometimes take on different shapes.My speelling is deteriorating too.
Things are taking shape in the house and as I know from previous experience with writing and making..if I just start I will have a place to return too and will be able to keep going..Pages like bookmarks.

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