Thursday, December 23, 2010

nearly christmas

The wind has been fierce in the last few days and has whipped water up and across Portobello rd from the Harbour leaving the tarmac with a crystalline glint and scribbles from the cyclists that have run salty trails through it.
Deborah lives harbour side and said it was like waking up to a frost. She had just had her windows cleaned for christmas.
It is 8 weeks post surgery and there is vague sense of things-seen and unseen lifting.Gary is moving more and is trying to be more active.
I have a sponge in the oven for trifle and the christmas pudding is made.
Presents are wrapped.
Gary starts Chemo on January the 10th..we are getting our heads and hearts around that.
Dad bought me new chickens..very pretty fiesty wee birds..I shall photograph them soon.
If you feel like a good tune this is my favourite for christmas
click on the blue box..record player selection 'Darlin christmas is coming'