Friday, July 20, 2012


 Oh Yeah and Calvin..Gary wants to chop that Gum tree who knew!
Gary and I gardened today and tidied and cleaned up stuff..We had the best day thanks to these "fellas" and are feeling the Love.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some stories to tell and photos to post

The first story is one of a pillow case with names and pictures that the lovely Lynn Taylor organized for Gaz. He loves it. And the colour suits him, which is always a bonus. It is for his Chemo so he has friends with him when he is in hospital. The second pillow case got pinned on the wall and people drew on it. I still need to Photograph that one.

The second story is of paint and brushes and garden gnomes that actually garden and chop wood. There was a huge quantity of garden gnomes and their friends in my garden and house in the is totally transformed. Walls are painted, wood is chopped and stacked..trees have been trimmed cut and timbered. Fences built.
Its a funny thing seeing so many people on a mission for good. Gary was very pleased to see all his friends. Photos posted tomorrow.

The third story is one of food and care.
Over the past two years we have been well looked after food wise..this weekend cakes and squares arrived from ChCh which were demolished enthusiastically by hungry gnomes and painters..Preserves and delicious lemon Curd form Oamaru. Cheeses rolls and bacon and egg I know some came from Oamaru, and I am fairly certain the rest came from Timaru with more baking..if we were a small continent it would be fairly international....So a big thank you from me to all the wives behind those good men..where would they be without you!!! You know who you are.
And a huge thank you to everyone who came and who participated in helping in all the ways and forms this weekend..whether by actively being here or giving your men space to be is much appreciated and makes a huge difference to what we are now able to do to the section. We can tidy and puddle and sort. It was all a bit overwhelming before. Gaz and I are a bit tired this week..been a big few weeks all up but we are looking forward to some gardening on friday and we actually feel enthusiastic.
Ooohh almost didnt mention mention the delicious Ham, Bacon AND Steak from Campbell's Marvellous Butchery in Oamaru,,the sausages are stashed safely in the freezer...mmmm I have been eating ham and sheeps feta on toast every day for lunch. Delicious!