Monday, December 26, 2011

zero blogging, lots of running around

Keep thinking about how I am not blogging.
Gary has been back in hospital to have a metastases removed from his lung. We got results back from a scan he had before he went to the States, and he went into hospital the next week.(two weeks ago)
 Just about drove into the harbour yesterday as I drove back from town. Took Mackenzie in late..was a bit tired and distracted..lucky those wee white concrete blocks are at the side of the road..all I got was a punctured tyre.
I find the car a sad place..its one of those places when I am driving that I have my best ideas and process,but at the moment my mind goes to places of grief.
Its boxing day today and out my window Hana  and her friend are perched on my lawn amongst summer daisies and surrounded by my potato patch talking.They just picnicked. Gary is on the Veranda with his book. Our holiday plans have changed somewhat,we were going to nelson for a camping holiday but not now. I picked up a explore dunedin book and we are going to go to all the places we have been meaning to go to around here.Lots of cockling, glow worms, gardens.The weather is behaving for dunedin and is hot as we are sucking it up.
Have just posted pictures of my sock monkeys on my art journalling page check them out.Photos coming and  a promise to blog more regularly.