Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This wallpaper and scrim was pulled out of the walls when we did some renovating recently. The paper was stuck face down on the scrim and placed between boards on inside walls. I like it! If anyone can guess the year, I would love to know. The house was built in 1914 so there almost a hundred years to play with


  1. Oh how special to find that ...can you save any to create something with it?

  2. I have a few motley strips..they were off the skirting boards.I think I might just pop some on a board and hang it up when I have got brave and done it I shall post it. Some i will use in my art Journal.
    I started hovering around the builder looking for paper as he was demolishing.Lucky he is very patient!

  3. If you find out - can you tell me? I have a scene in my novel The Blue set in 1938 where she talks about wallpaper with blue roses. It made my heart leap into my throat to see this wallpaper of yours. In an historic cottage that I'm involved with as a trustee, the old wallpaper is framed to show what it used to be like... it's very cool. People stare at it for hours.

  4. I will, It really is very beautiful..I wanted to rip more boards off in search of it. There is something quite special about old paper.


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