Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A good week

The sun has made a few appearances, spring is definitely here.
I went to the gardens in the week and was momentarily stunned by the magnolias..the size and colour and form are something to see and wonder at.
I took Gary back with Macker and Zach on Sunday(after church) and we wandered. Gary and Mac in one direction Zach and I in the other. Zac and I ended up at the bird cage with Zach informing me about the habits of the parrots he identified.
And then a yummy lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant down town. Needless to say gary and I were exhausted by all this goodness and did some serious napping when we got home. Great to be out and about thou. Gary is feeling so much better and has made a decision to pop his head up above water.

We are enjoying Rick steins far Eastern Odessy on tele and I have bought the cook book to inspire some yummy dishes. So far have made Redang curry, delicious!
Achievement around the house this week;
- Studio finally sorted and tidied
- Chicken coop strengthened; to stop the wee dog pushing thru for snacks and the annoying brown chooky escaping into my vege garden. Gaz made a gate and put up tin. :-). We are both feeling good for the activity.
- Glasshouse and surrounding area prepared and ready for tomatoes
- Stuff stuck into my art projects book, so I can find and refer to it when drifting around wondering what to do to occupy myself..those times when housework just doesnt cut it!

Off for three days study tomorrow. I have to say the SDHB are good employers. The new Grad programme is a gift.


  1. wow you have been busy ...no wonder you need a Nana nap occasionally. xx

  2. Right then, better come and mess up your studio, lol! Hey but good on you - sounds like you are taking very pragmatic steps during this challenging time, brave lady. Thinking of you often with love and admiration.


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