Sunday, September 16, 2012

Towards Summer

Gary is tucked up in bed after this last round of Chemo. So so sick this time..his body has had enough of chemicals and resilient as it has been, it is letting him know that there is a limit. I was working today and Sue Carr bought him home with Macker..they did well between them. Its the first time I havnt been there to look after him and I experienced separation anxiety at work today. I have called in sick tomorrow as he asked and cant be left. He is pleased, and work hopefully is fine about it. A good team up there. I always feel guilty about calling in sick but cant be helped.

I bought two pieces of popcorn by Madeline Child and put them on my wall to remind Gaz and I to be playful and enjoy life in the next few months. Its been a hard slog lately and while I feel pleased to see the lovely things like blossom and friends..some of Joy has been missing and my thinking is a bit negative..time to spring clean my brain and a bit more God time. Maybe a lot more..hard to fit everything in..I tend to pray in small bites these days..lots of gratitude and relief and 'Lord help me's'. Good but a bit like eating lots of healthy snacks and not sitting down to a well prepared meal.
Tonight I have lit the fire and am about to have a bath. Zach has exams this week
This week holds some more work for me, recovery for Gaz, family visits. Wishing you all an awesome week.
And one of my favourite songs by Jon Foreman.

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