Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunshine bubbles

Well Gaz and I are back from our gorgeous bubble of time in the Sunshine coast and its straight into Christmas. Time goes quite fast.
We had the lovliest time away.It was interesting to be by ourselves (first time) and plan what we wanted to do. As it turned out eating was a top priority and we turned into hungry catapillers and ate our way around the Sunshine coast.
Our first night we stayed in Coloundra with an old friend and collegue of Garys. He treated us so well and cooked an amazing dinner of prawns and sea trout and the most delicious wine I have ever tasted. It kind of set the bar for the rest of holiday.
We headed up to Noosa after that and stayed four nights. Two on Hastings street and two on the river. Felt a completely different place.
Our routine consisted of a morning walk for me then breakfast with Gaz. A walk to the beach for a dip as by 8.30 it was very warm. And then back to our hotel or apartment for a shower then coffee. In the coffee shops I sketched while Gary read the paper. The days were spent eating lunch or gathering food and a late afternoon swim and then tea. Very decadent and blissful-mostly. Travel days even thou they were short, were tiring in the heat. The air-con was greatly appreciated in the car.
We absolutely adored the beaches which is why we went. The water was a perfect temperature 22 degrees, and nice waves. Noosa had baby waves, Mooloolaba a bit bigger and Coloundra was about right. A good proper wave size that made you squeal-well me anyway.
Its a funny thing being on holiday.I worked up to the last day, swapping shifts and getting the house sorted and organizing who would look after Zach (I am always uncertain about leaving my boy and the animals.) And then packing, unpacking re-packing. Shopping for the house here. And then whoop whoop you're on a plane and four hours later on Holiday somewhere different negotiating that difference.
Alain De Botton says it well in his book The Art Of Travel - He had been talking about all his woes and thoughts as he lay on a beach in Barbados and had an epiphany  He says 'A momentous but until then an overlooked fact was making its first appperance: that I had inadvertently bought myself to the island'
Gary and I reminded ourselves of this every day as worries and fretfulness paid a visit and we practiced being away. We also did a rather spectacular WHO dance every now and again, out of Horton hears a Who. WE'RE HERE WE'RE HERE WE'RE HERE. Looking at each other and waving our hands in the air. It reminded us that we were on holiday and it was an adventure. Because it really does take practice to know you are somewhere else.
I read most of Joyce Meyers book on dealing with anxiety and prayed for centering. I have been pondering mindfulness lately (it is a big buzz word in Mental Health.) and I have been paying attention to how I approach it. I do a breathing meditation which I love, Deep rest.
 'Rejoice in this day the Lord has made' .
I find it so good, it brings me back fully to the present, as I look around and see that in this moment it is good and Gary is beside me, My children are well.
Christmas has was good. Glorious hot day on Christmas day.We all went down to the wharf and went swimming it was sooo good.Warm in the water, very unexpected. Food was yum and some nice cocktails. Elderflower and and limoncello with sparkling wine. Perfect summer drink.
My kids all got animal onsies which was hilarious and a total delight for me and Gaz.We wemt to bed at the end of night talking abiout our nearly grown children running around the house dressed in animal suits.
A flying squirrel,a totaro and a wolf. They ran and played all the section.
Mango had a buzz cut for summer and is very thankful to be trim.
All you need is love la la la la la


  1. I loved this post - thanks for sharing! Ohhh I have seen animal onsies on the net and they are the ultimate is fantasticness eh. Such fun visuals come to mind - as well as the WHO dance, thought about these things as I was driving round town today. Thank you too for sharing your Christmas generosity - only one tiny bit of delicious we have all put weight on cake left now - enjoyed by many.

  2. I too loved this many things made me smile not the least the onsie scenario...that is what my thirteen year old wanted ...birthday in Feb for her...sounds like the holiday was made such good use of that time and the learning that comes form what it offered.

    Happy New year and here is to being more centered and present. xx

  3. Thanks Guys! The onsies are still being worn every day.The girls are home from their flats for a break and I walk into rooms and there are squirrels and totaros lying around. The wolf is funny as he has moved down to the old garage with his drums and we see him walking up the lawn to the house. At 6ft 3 he is a rather tall wolf. Bron I will send you the site we went shopping on.You could probably make one with your clever hands.


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