Tuesday, April 3, 2012

these are the stories we tell ourselves

It really good..Im amazed at how easy the process has been. Doors keep opening and I go through.
Its great, I love it.
Occasionally with certain people I share my uncertainty..mainly that sometimes I am scared. Performance failure..people will guess that Im not really a Nurse but an Artist after all. It will be to do with the fact that I ask questions out loud, that I speak too much or light up around paint.
After my first longer stretch on the ward this last week, I started to find my voice and feel a little more confident. I am looking forward to going back and seeing what is happening with people. I have a plan for the Activity room and am starting to restock it and have taken my Art journals in..two clients were a little engaged with the idea which encouraged me.
I like caring for people, I like puzzles and helping people figure out stuff.
The doors that keep opening..its true they do..people have been enormously kind and supportive..I never expected any of it.
these days off I am going to do some Art journalling , some reading, have some Quiet time, garden and gather materials (thats the plan anyway) and have my parents for tea.
Track my girls down as I havnt seen them for a while..missing their beautiful faces.


  1. Sounds like you have some lovely direction xx

  2. True :-). Still getting my thinking around where I am now..and still feeling the strangeness..a lovely older Nurse said 'its alright , walk before you run' and gave me similar advice in different words a few days later.so I must remember that. Age old familiar word that comfort.


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