Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In a square foot of my garden

turret shell shaped fungi have sprouted,  a miniature universe of wonder

there are dahlia's flowering, dying and budding,they have been doing this since November.

Zac and his friend Brandon keep on growing and eating

Gaz and I went to The flagstaff camp for a day. I did an Art Journalling workshop http://artjournalingnz.blogspot.co.nz/
and Gaz slept and played
Cabbages have been chopped and insides admired.

I have started back nursing. It is good..important to remember I am a nurse. On the Ward it is fine but in class I respond more like the Artist I have more recently been trained to be. I think it will all mesh and work out, but at the moment it is a process of wonderment and application. 
Gary is very enthusiastic about my paycheck. I used the first one to pay off the Dick Lyne painting that I had put a deposit on months ago at The Brett McDowell Gallery.

 Very beautiful, I think. I blog these day in a Kauri forest sprinkled with Ponga's.

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