Saturday, March 3, 2012

the 'stay human band'

I am in love with this! it is so very clever on many levels.
When you cant make the music - the music comes to you. What a gift. 

(Apologies to the writer for the change of formatting but my blog wouldn't accept the original copy.)

Live at Mount Sinai: The Healing Power of Music

'Music, after writing, is my greatest passion. But when I entered the hospital in June 2011 for induction chemotherapy, I stopped listening to music altogether.
Music, the saying goes, can soothe even the savage beast. What about the frail beast? The sad one?
Between the hospital walls, hearing my favorite songs filled me with a deep, unbearable ache. Music, and the memories attached to them, reminded me of all that was no longer. It reminded me of myself at 16, lugging my 30-lb. double bass up the steps of the Lincoln Center subway station in five-inch heels en route to my lessons at Juilliard. Where had that feisty, fresh-faced music student with long auburn hair gone?
I didn’t know it back in June, but I was in the process of mourning my ‘old’ self: on some level, I was realizing that everything had changed–that my life, as I knew it, was over.
How many ‘selves’ do we put to rest over the course of a lifetime? It was strange for such recent memories to feel like they belonged in an old filing cabinet.'

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