Friday, March 2, 2012

Quilt in process

The and old.embroidered napkins, old furnishing fabric and some sample gingham.I decided that I needed an automated project with defined edges to kick start me. I have the girls quilts lined up to make but because they are full of 'ideas' and take a bit of thinking, I havnt got started properly.So this technical piecing is what I need to get me going I think..lets see if it works.
Its going in the upstairs spare room that was once Mackers. It is a very pretty attic room that will be fun to dress up.
My personal assistant Spacerocket(our cat) hinders more than helps she is passionate about paper and fabric and rips it up and lies on it at every available opportunity.

Sitting on top of my pattern box..looking determined and awkward at the same time.
I was drafting a pattern yesterday for a skirt..(drafting sounds better than copying around and sticking extra bits of paper around the edges where I made mistakes:-D) and she helped me-not.


  1. Nice collection of vintage stuff - looking forward to seeing the stitched up quilt.

  2. This looks like it will be gorgeous show your progress.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement!, I started sewing last night..things are always more complicated than they appear but it is coming together.
    Bron-I will post some progress photos this week.


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