Monday, June 25, 2012

The lovely Gazza and his super Purry Cat

This week is feeling settled. Last week was quite busy getting through Chemo and adjusting the drug regime all over again. Gaz doing really well despite feeling sick and sad and sore. He had a hairy day mid week when he was quite sore and unsure of what to do, but he picked up the phone and rang the Pain team at the hospital and they are great. This morning we had the community team from the hospice visit and check in with us about what we needed and what they were able to assist with. There is alot of support out there which is comforting.
We had a great meal last night with our dear friends which was heartwarming. We lit the fire in the lounge and ate good food and chatted. So nice to be able to cook a nice meal for them.We have been well taken care of lately with meals dropped off.
We are in the middle of organizing some things to be done to our house to finish it off so we can swan about the countryside doing things we like. The Oamaru Old Boys Dream Team are flying and driving in to complete essential tasks. I think I will make a few fruit cakes.
I only have two days of work this week and its my birthday so thats exciting..yaah. My wee sis flying down from Welly with her folks..looking forward to that.


  1. Happy Birthday lovely you! Made you a present in my mind but it has not quite evolved in the real world yet. :-)

  2. You have so many lovely things to be grateful for...Happy Birthday to you as well. xxx

  3. Happy birthday Kat. Hope you got some good moments!

  4. Hoorah for birthdays and the Old Boys. And there's always something so satisfying about making fruit cakes...and eating them...

  5. Thanks Vanda and Donna(just saw your comment).Yes I am fond of fruit cake steamed with custard YUM!


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