Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday the last day of Radio therapy whoopee

It is very calm here this morning..crazy winds last night, very interesting being on a headland in a norwester.
The last two weeks have been slow and hard.I have been trying to decide the best phrase for this and I keep thinking ..'there is no enjoyment in this'. It is a plod and it is relentless.Gary is very 'Zapped 'physically and mentally.I always find the connection between what is happening in our lives and how it is reflected in our bodies enlightening. This has had a run on effect through all the family..Me being sick for the whole of August didn't help things as I am the energy bunny at present. I am also his driver and as you can all imagine Gary loves being But he is tad tired to focus and knows it is a good thing.
We are both looking forward to the next few weeks and are planning some day trips and overnighters. Get out and about in the big wide open.
The garden is having its last bit of construction for this year in the Veggie patch. Gary and I are 'in discussion' as to what materials to use..any suggestions are gratefully accepted. We are building a few small walls.
I am buying a glasshouse which is exciting.We have finally decided where it is going which is great as now I can design the rest of the garden around it.
The kids have just walked in the door and informed me that the roads are closed, they are completely delighted with themselves and are getting changed into mufti.
Gary has just tucked back into bed with the paper and has changed his times at the hospital for later in the day.
Waxeyes are in the blossom tree
the cat is beside me on a tiger blanket
Rye toast is in the toaster
washing is littered about and it is time to eat and tidy


  1. Hey I follow this blog - maybe you do already?
    Love her knitting and also her honesty in writing about life after a stroke.

  2. Love this blog...her knitting is groovy!


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