Thursday, August 26, 2010

It is Quiet in the house

Today I went back to bed and dozed.Gary bought me a Hotty. My head and chest still feel woozy and thick. It was stormy last night and through the window bits of trees are in gathered in drifts, broken.
It is 1.35pm and I am still in my dressing gown.

There is no-one home.          

 I can feel the silence.

I can hear my heart beat.

I didn't realize I was still racing until today. With no-one in my house there is time to cry and stop and be still.
Prunus blossom is soft on the ground below the veranda. It looks like a wedding. The sun on the water  is playing with the macrocarpa shadow and shining on the compacted dirt of our lawn. It is all silver with streaks of grass- somewhere between billiard felt and a new tennis ball.

Sue came around a two nights ago and had her listening ears on. I could feel her composure and that she was there to listen, and so I talked. My girlfriends have been away out of the country. She bought us food last night and it tasted like Manna.
Phili ( my Sis) was down in the weekend, we chipped and chopped and dug copious was so good to have company to get some chores done. Now I have a space of garden that I can transfer things into.

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