Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The week that was saw Mango go to the Vet and get a small lump cut out of him and a tooth pulled.The lump was benign..good news.He is a very happy dog now and is charging around madly everywhere. He was a tad grumpy before the tooth pulling. Poor dog.
I completed the wee angel pictures..relief..and have started one on Brussel sprouts:-).
Our pet rat got sick but is on antibiotics and it seems to have picked her up,which is good.We like our small creatures.
I just learnt that I have won a prize in the Gardener magazine for my Brussel sprout story..yaaah. I was very excited. A years subscription. And a packet of seeds.
I am feeling a bit flat tonight.Spent the day cooking and cleaning for Zacs birthday dinner.Made a spectacular cake which everyone was a bit too full to appreciate and it was a bit rich..almonds chocolate and eggs basically,whipped up and baked. Zac got new clothes and looked very flash.We had a mexican fiesta dinner was fun preparing the house.Photos tomorrow.
Gary started Radiotherapy yesterday and it seems as if he may be one of the people who get tired with it.He went to bed tonight exhausted at 8.30.I sat up with a cup of tea watching the fire burn down.I missed his face.

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