Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wet today, Drizzly..rain dripping steadily from my spouting into the garden below.
Went into town with Gaz to keep him company.He was quick today at the hospital and out early.Picked him up and bought some blue cod for tea.I thought I might drive him home if he was tired but he drove and I fell asleep :-/.
Planning on doing some planting early next week.Apparently a good time to prune fruit trees down south too and shift any that need a new home.
I have bought some Australian natives to feed the birds. lovely scrubby looking things with red flowers..their name escapes me. A white camellia with dark licorice green leaves,a greengage and a quince.There is an enticing bare spot of garden I am developing below the veranda.I have cleared out some grasses and ferns and am thinking sub-tropical fruity things might do well.Very exciting thought.I shall photograph it and record its progress. I am about to start on some small blocks..have bought an old dutch masters art cool all the detail in the paintings..I am going to use them as a template to paint from.I will be painting blocks for a local craft gallery.Pictures of the peninsula and local area. Could be fun..I do need to start a bigger project to extend my paint skills.I get better too slowly, as what I am doing more frequently is limited and I am always in a hurry at the finish..I need to push through what i know - to what I don't know..the next stage.
Fire on, cat asleep ,Gaz puttering about.Hana at home working.

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