Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rumble in the Jungle

Pimping the room Kat and Gaz style

Our Jungle grew from imagining where we might travel that we hadn't been. Our Fan broke in our bathroom and roared for a few days before it got fixed and it sparked the idea of being on a train that was taking us somewhere.
The project has provided distraction activity and creativity. It has enabled a looking outwards and involved others in a subject which is not a single focus on why we are here. Everyone that comes through the door has to find their animal (or bird) whether it be Savannah, Jungle or Forest. Exotic or native and then say why. Gary has made a habit of recording and then sharing this information with others. Hmmm .I am encouraging him to ask permission. Not too worry though as everyone is keen to participate. We have had a lot of Meerkats, one Lion, a couple of elephants and two songs sung about their animals. Pretty amazing really and brave I thought. Also a wood pigeon, a silver backed baboon, a three fingered sloth, a thompson gazelle a furby! frog, and a cat.So if you would like to join our Jungle, post your animals and characteristics we would love hear about them.
I am a tree frog with sticky feet and a tiger (apparently solitary animals but good mothers).
Gary likes the native Falcon and the tui AND the turkey all different aspects of him (and all with wings)


  1. Looks fantastic! Liking the swinging sock monkeys. Well, imagining my little owl you made is in there too - can you here it? Tends to be a bit noisy this time of night.

  2. awesome! I shall put him in. He's been quite shy hiding in the hollows


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