Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catch up

Yesterday gaz mac and dominic and I drove over the back Rd From here to Port Chalmers and got some hot chips which we ate up at the Ralph Hotere Garden. It was a good outing. Always takes some planning.The morning was a bit slow as Gary was very tired. The morning Meds were taken all at once which addled him a bit . Usually more spaces between them but he slept most of the night(:-)) and ended up taking on too many in a short time period. Good lesson and we have a good plan and regime now which we will stick to for a few days until it needs reviewed again. Seems to be three to five days where change takes place. With incremental ones every day. Little little and then a Jump and then Plateau.
Today peaceful and quiet. A surprise visit from his big Brother bought a huge smile to his face and set him up for the day.
I am about to head home to sort out hungry cats and water my garden for a couple of hours. Dig some spuds and fry them up for Garys tea. Finished a wee painting of Gaz and Mango..last day at the river and am puddling on some more. Creativity and head space is a good thing.
Love love
last day at the river Ote


  1. Thanks for the update, was checking in to your blog to see how you are all getting on. You have so captured a mango expression in that painting - so lifelike. Hope the fried spuds were good. We had fried (and isn't fried always yummier) falafel for tea - Afife's Lebanese Cuisine from the Farmers market. Such good texture and not full of artificial flavours like some store bought ones.

  2. thanks.Not a great photo of it but ok was good mindfulness and distraction doing it.I picked beans today because they had gone feral.You need to pick some or they will stop producing and the cape gooseberries

  3. Love the painting Kat, it's awesome. I can just picture the spot now, such peace and happy memories :) Kristy

  4. Had your beans for tea, yummo. And this afternoon we visited Gavin in your previous house, defiantly weird to be there and see different but similar arty things on the walls. Made apple crumble for tea also with apples they gave us that you probably planted!

  5. Oh and Gavin and Yvonne asked after you all and wave hello. They have spent the summer staining the outside of the house.

  6. Timing of visit to Ralph Hotere Gardens was amazing given sad news of him today. A favourite scenic spot.

  7. Hey there, just having a re read of some old writing that you inspired me to do in an art journal. Thought I'd check in with you and say hello and send you a hug. Love your painting of Gary and Mango. My favourite colours too. If you have more paintings please share. xo Ruth W

    1. hokey dokey thanks for that chick..Journalling is Good!Have an illustation I have just done will doxx


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