Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chingford Park


  1. This was an amazing adventure that Kat and I had to Chingford Park which is about 800 metres from the hospice. We charged up the mobility scooter and oxygen bottle and then took off. The pics are few of the sights we saw on the way and at the park. it was a fun adventure and it's motivated us to me more adventurous and accumulate a few more adventures.

  2. Awesome pics, so was the thought going up or down Baldwin St? I so remember standing up the top watching super hero enablers run up and collapse, Kerry springs to mind amongst others, at the great Enabling Conference, we also had Larnach Castle and other fab Dunedin landmarks in that brief venture. It was one of the times I met you Kat and I thank you now for you blog and sharing your great man with us, thinking of you all. Elizabeth Sandford 00000XXXXX

  3. So touching that you are smiling and enjoying the beauty around you. Have a lovely week. xx


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