Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sat Morning after rain last night

This morning after a bit of an unsettled night. Our lovely Nurse came in with Garys morning meds, extra pain relief and then turned back up with a cup of tea for both of us. She thought we might need it as we both looked a bit tired. Gary and I have decided it is better than a five star Hotel here.
Service is better and funded, the drugs are superior and everybody without question is super kind. Please feel reassured that gary tells me the drugs are good, I don't know this from personal experience.:-).
Garys pain has amped up and a new pain occurred yesterday which caused great him great distress. The new med regime is dealing with it well now. But as with any change it takes a bit to sort. His breathing is pretty steady but changes are obvious.  Garys humour is intact and he is still flirting with the nurses (the female nurses). He is very funny.
Zach has moved in. It is so lovely to have him here, I was getting fretful with my family not being together. He got homesick for us and his home. Gary woke up this morning and said  'is Zach in the other room?' when I said 'he is' Gary relaxed and smiled a very contented smile.

Grateful for family

Pain drugs
Kind problem solving nurses
rasberries and chocolate
rain for my garden
Zach in our room telling gary about the movie they watched last night
Dog holiday Camp Dent


  1. What a fabulous place you have available to you...truly a blessing . xxx

  2. Was wondering about your garden - text if you need it watered. I will be coming into town Monday morning if you want me to pick some of your garden vegs and drop them at the Hospice reception so you can cook with your homegrown.

  3. thanks lynn.I popped out today and picked zucchinis and tomatoes.We are thinking about going home tomorrow for the day, so we should be right and that rain was good .My veges looked happy. There are heaps of runner beans if you would like some. You have to bend upside down and check under the leaves for them and inside the chicken coop.x

  4. That's good you got home and hope you get some time there tomorrow too...even though it is good where you are it is always nice to be round the familiar. Ummm, I do love runner beans so might have to go help myself to some next week - thanks.

  5. I like your list of gratefuls. As the sun starts to set on this somewhat cloudy day, rays of sunshine are poking through the clouds. The lighting is so colourful and there is mystery in the air. The remaining buildings downtown are glowing.

    I worked hard today quilting after having a two day hiatis due to machine overdrive. It couldn't go no more. A forced break to appreciate so much that is beautiful around me.

    Rasberries and chocolate would be the icing on the cake.

    xo Ruth

    1. sounds awe inspiring sweet pea.I am assuming that the machine you refer to is your sewing machine not your body.x

    2. ha ha thats good. You are right sewing machine just quit but back on target again and chugging away. xoxo

    3. looking froward to seeing the result x

  6. You are all amazing, kids included. There are no words to describe the way I feel watching this unfold from afar, Gary you have always been amazing and special. It is no suprise to meet your family in this remote way and realise they are also awesome. Kia Kaha to you all, and big hugs and love, our thoughts are with you. God Bless, Elizabeth. XXXXX00000

    1. Thank you for your kind words Elizabeth :-)


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