Sunday, February 3, 2013

Creative writing

I participated in this course with Diane a few years ago when it was a year long Diploma through Aoraki. It was very worthwhile. I quit just before the end, due to health reasons and so missed the bit of paper that affirms this but felt very satisfied with all I learned.
Diane packs an encouraging amount of information and inspiration into her teaching.You wont regret enrolling.
p.s Dont blame her for my horrendous punctuation blips. That was Art School and came under the umbrella of creativity( my excuse anyway)

Creative Writing Otago

Based in Dunedin, Creative Writing Otago offers a range of 
face-to-face  or online  creative writing courses designed for beginning and more advanced writers and covering Fiction, Writing Your Life, Poetry and Nonfiction. Award-winning poet, novelist and memoirist, Diane Brown is the designer and tutor for most of the courses.
Face to Face Casual Saturday Classes: Dunedin
·     Stimulating the MuseSaturday 23rd February 2013.·     Steering the Craft: Saturday 23rd March.·     Building Characters: Saturday 18th May.·     Who’s telling the Story: Saturday 15th June.·     Plot and Story: Saturday 3rd August. ·     Settings: Saturday 3 1st August.·     Looking For A Poem: Saturday 12th October.·     Best words, Best Order: Saturday 16th November.

Face to Face Classes: Dunedin
·     Developing your Manuscript 1: Fortnightly (8 session) workshop-based programme 10.30am-1 pm. Thursday 21st March 2013 till  4th July 2013·     Developing Your Manuscript 2: Fortnightly (8 session) workshop-based programme 10.30am-1 pm. Thursday 1st  August till 14th November.·     Writing Your Life: 8 week Monday 6th May 2013 and finishes 1st July 2013. 7 pm to 9pm.

Online Courses:
·     Finding Your Voice: 8 week online introductory course. Monday 25th February 2013.·     Tools for Storytelling 1: Meeting your Characters. 8 week online course follows on from Finding Your Voice but can also be undertaken by new students. Monday 13th May 2013·     Tools for Storytelling 2: Plot and Description. 8 week online course follows on from Meeting Your Characters but can also be undertaken by new students. Monday 29th July 2013 ·     Making Fine Poems: 8 week online course exploring the art and craft of writing poetry. Monday 7th October 2013 ·     Professional Writing Practice:  Online fortnightly (8 sessions) for advanced students. Tuesday 19th March 2013 ·     Professional Solutions and Publishing. Online fortnightly (8 sessions) follows on from Professional Writing Practice.Tuesday 30th July 2013.

Diane Brown

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