Monday, February 4, 2013


Gary and I have a bathroom in our room and for the last 48hours the fan has been broken and has continuously hummed. It has been quite annoying but as we havnt been able to do anything about it, I decided to invent a scenario where the noise was from a train traveling through an exotic land.
Gaz and I went to Africa on a Safari- which I think was inspired by the heatwave and the wind yesterday. All the people in the hospice turned into Jungle animals. There were giraffes, meerkats and wise elephants with long memories and stories to tell. Some night panthers, quiet and observant and monkeys that pass by our window.
We told the doctor about this today as we were discussing how the increase in Garys Drugs through his pain pump has helped reduce the need for break through bolus' all day. Gary also told him about going to the cricket with a friend
The doctor very dryly asked if Gary had really been to the cricket. Very funny.
Its raining today and its really lovely. I went outside first thing and checked the level of the creek, as it sounded louder. I stood in a puddle and had a wee splash around.
On Saturday I planted a few vege plants and feel pleased that it is raining, they will be much happier and I dont have to worry about then for a few days.
The plan today is to develop some photos and do some Journal pages of Chingford,  also upsize a few photos and pimp our room. Jungle it up with trees and birds.
Love love from us


  1. What wonderful photos of Chingford Park. I laughed at Gary wuth his scooter under the 'weight sign.; Typical Gary! However especially loved the one of you and Gary.It's a Bobby Dazzler Lots of love MUm

  2. it was nice going somewhere different,the trees were so statuesque and branchy.Enjoyed your peas thank you! yum yum

  3. I just love you guys so much, yet again inspiring us with your way of embracing everything in life... love the imagination with the fan buzz!! Kristy


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