Thursday, February 14, 2013


Things I like writing about are thoughts I have and connections I make. Activities Gary and I are doing with the family. What is making us feel good. What I don't want to write about but which Gary has asked me too is his shortness of breath after activity and how it getting quite impactful. He changes in small ways day by day and there is always something to sort and change with his care team. The meds in his pain driver  keep increasing (apparently there isnt a ceiling for this which is good).When we have an outing of any sort it takes us both two to three days to get over it.The level of exhaustion is high.
He gets restless at night and we spend most parts of our night chatting and sorting things, ie does he need some pain relief, whats on his mind, how can I help? Some nights its a back rub, some nights just talking, last night I made him some toast.
Our day here in the hospice consists of waking up, breakfast , helping Gaz in the shower, helping my self..gaz helping me by pulling the curtains:-),garys meds the Dr checking in.By now it is usually 11-11.30 and we are knackered and sitting on our bed checking our blogs chatting and having some quiet time before lunch. The last few days Gary has been napping in the afternoon. Usually one or more children pop by and snuggle in. Part of the week I juggle cooking in a wee microwave in the kitchen as Gary doesn't always like the look of the Menu. I am getting quite creative and tricky.
We went home on Tuesday and we were wiped out yesterday with the effort. It was worth it and we had a great time. Zach was able to come home on the bus and we ate Spag Bol and watched an old Adam Sandler movie. It was awesome. We took Mango home too. Unfortunately the message I sent to his carer never connected and there were very worried people wondering where our dog was:-(.
Yesterday I took care of myself and had a massage courtesy of my friend Barb and we ate lunch out. I also bought some fun inks to play with. Gaz had organized a visit with a friend and his eldest daughter so he was happy. It was nice to get back and see him after being away.

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  1. hi kathryn thank u 4 writing on your blog , i have been checking it every day so 2day i was glad to get an update even if it did make me cry. i laughed at gary opening the curtains.thanks 4 reminding me about gratitude. im glad that u 2 are getting some laughs in your day 2gether and sorry 4 writing in phone was lovely 2 c mangos smiling face. margotxx


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