Thursday, February 7, 2013

All together now..Orokanui

Was totally impressed with Orokanui Sanctuary. Gorgeous birds and Trees.Was the best seeing a Kaka with Gaz after all his stories from Stewart Island. Gary fairly tired after his day out. Been a rest day today. Sleeping in and recovering after his cross country excursion. For those who have yet to visit this place, I recommend it. Kat

This was a fun day out with all the family, lots of laughs, a few wrong corners which required some backtracking up some fairly steep sections. Fortunately we had some good horsepower with Zach. We saw plenty of birds but didn't get many photos. I has away from the hospice for 4 hours and used a whole oxygen bottle. This trip was back to back with Tutoi Early Settlers the day prior. So really stretching myself and extremely tired when I got back. Decided to have a couple of rest days to recharge batteries. - Gary

"Off on an adventure"
"Do you think this is the right way?"
"Oops Back we go"

"Shhh go quiet.... bang, scrape, laugh, skid"
Being quiet for Tuatara's

"A Kiwis been here?"



  1. Love the photos. Poor Zach - looks like he got the hard work! Donna

  2. Wonderful photos of you all and it must have been fantastic to be out in the wide open spaces. Hopefully you are resting well today Gary after your adventures. Its Vic here. Kats workmate. We are tbinking of you all each day on the ward. Johns been asking after you kat. We tried posting from work many times without success so should be good this time.Another amazing day. Warm and energy filled thoughts flying your way from all of us. X Vic

  3. Hey thanks Vic
    Pleased to hear from you. :-).Tell John its good mushroom weather and he should go scavenging around with a sack on his back in Waikouaiti. See what he can find.
    It was great just us off out in the car. Felt nice. Orokanui was very cool.x

  4. As close to perfect as it gets. xxx

  5. Isn't orakanui wonderful. ..tony's son Tom made the tuatara enclosure, the wooden bits at least. It only opened a couple of weeks ago.

  6. good for him.It was a very smart enclosure.We didnt see a tuatara but se did see a very suspicious pinecone that got us quite excited.My seaweed is doing the trick .Thank you very Much!


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