Sunday, April 28, 2013


Parking at the Pub - big car park
At the hall some but will be reserved also
and at the wharf and up the street around PBO
Two motels and various bed and breakfast.
There are beds being offered by my friends some lovely options for people to stay if required..let me know.
I will keep updating this page
More offers of accommodation coming in from my friends from sleepouts to beautiful rooms and houses
at the end of the pub in the ice cream parlour and at cafe
Pub will open from 11.30 -12.45 for food drinks etc
at the grave side..please bring a garden flower if you like for the top of the grave
local shop has pies etc

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  1. Hi Kat, just watched the service, what a wonderful idea to have it streamed. So sorry I couldn't be there but got to share from here.Thinking of you lots. Much love to your all, Sarah Twiss


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