Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seaton Rd

Home this afternoon. Gary said on the way down in the car 'this is the best I've felt all day'.
We got home got him on the couch, the cat arrived and Gary within about half an hour passed out asleep. Deep and relaxed. Now the significance of this is, is that he hasn't been too flash. Still isn't, but at this very moment he is here and home.
 It is likely that he has a chest infection and he started on Antibiotics today. It is a wait and see as to effect they will have.
The last two days Gary, after looking initially better from having had bloods started to slip again. Very restless and not sleeping well. Significant breathing issues and high anxiety. A myriad of other physical symptoms. None of which we wanted to see or Gary wanted to experience.
His right sided chest pain has continued to impact him and it has taken awhile to get the Med mixture right.
Home now with a pain pump which seems to be doing the trick with the right mixture in it.
Gary is sitting in his favourite spot on the couch and managing to watch some of his favourite tele programme's.
What to say really, I feel like I can breath again now we are here. While Gary slept I unpacked and cleaned the house quickly and got the fire on..feels good all sorted. Lovely to have Zach here plonked beside Gaz watching a movie.
And the Hospice..I find it hard to put into words my experience there. A very dynamic and nurturing team full of different personalities and skills all committed tot he job and so so caring. I am not the worlds easiest customer when stressed and tired. This time I was on a mission to get in and out of there as quickly as possible. I was fairly direct all of the time as I didn't have any extra social skills available. I was treated with respect( not sure if I really deserved it) all of the time by all of the staff. Welcomed and cared for as equally as Gary. It is very humbling.
We are able to be back home because of this. x


  1. I blow kisses to you both as I drive past the end of your street. Thinking of you. Kia kaha. Tessa xxx

    1. thanks Tessa..I have a mental picture of you doing this:-).Don't drive into the harbour. Thank you for the yum biscuits they were timely and gobbled down by all,and no I don't eat spelt but I did the peanut butter ones.x

  2. Big hugs and love to all of you guys Kat, you're a tower of strength and even the most robust have a right to have moments of "social weakness" in your position. Thinking of you all. xx Kristy

  3. Hello you - was thinking of our trip to Nasbey years back - just before Zac was born - as I had breakfast there this morning with Chris. Still a charming place - the first snow was dusting the hills.


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