Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eggs in pockets

Do you remember when the children were small and they had to look after an egg for the a day in order to experience what it was like to be responsible for something?
Arihana got her egg and said  'this seems like a lot of hard work' looked at me and asked if I would take it to Art School for the day and babysit it on my desk.
Macker hid hers at the top of the pantry on the highest shelf so Zach couldn't get it. But on retrieving it ended up with a broken egg and took a substitute egg to school instead.
This week as I juggled things at home I thought of those moments. It felt like that all week. An egg in my pocket.
Once I collected the eggs and put a left over one in my pocket and pottered about for a bit in the garden. I was amazed and relieved an hour later to find the forgotten egg and see that it hadn't broken. Home grown ones are relatively sturdy.
We are back in the hospice for the weekend at this stage. Checked in on Friday. Gary had been struggling with some significant pain issues for most of the week. Everything was being done right but a few chickens starting perching amongst the trees.
One; the pain meds were not being effective, resulting in more being required...leading to too much in the system. Not side effect among the others is constricted breathing (Gaz needs that like a hole in the head). His haemoglobin looked liked it was dropping again (yes-confirmed and blood on the way). Adding to a decrease in available oxygen.
Coupled with pain and understandable anxiety, poor sleep, reduced appetite and fluid intake over two days, here we are.
So fluids up, Meds getting sorted and blood tomorrow. I am hopeful we will go home again on Tuesday. All going well.
Home has been great. I have things in order there now and it feels a good place to be. Although the last few days there it was more than a bit freaky.
Gary is relieved to be here and is resting and catching up. He has started new book about the Khan Dynasty..the Conquerer series by Conn Iggulden. He is onto the second book which he loves.
I got myself a book to read finally as well. One by Kate Atkinson. Recommended as a good and easy book to get into. Starting at the beginning with Case Histories.
Today I popped to the market,caught up with Dev who came down today from ChCh to see Gaz. Great to see him, I monopolized him a bit as Gaz was tired. Deb and Al popped in. :-)
And I bumped into a beautiful person called Dave Macleod. Who will probably be embarrassed (but maybe secretly pleased) as I mention him. I try not to mention names on my blog or singe things out as I may not mention every thing or one and hurt feelings unintentionally.
Today I was on my way back to the Hospice and the anxiety snuck up ( no sleep for three nights will do that). I was feeling more than a little sad - decided to buy a bottle of wine and then I literally bumped into Dave and his wife Anne. I was admiring his gorgeous pin on his jersey when he unpinned it and put it on my jersey. He is very generous and had done this before. He is a maker of very fine and beautiful Jewelry. Anne and him own Quadrant Gallery in Moray Place. It is well worth a look.
I bought Hana a cool silver match with a gold head on it for Christmas
I now the proud owner of a Silver Kereru pin. I will take a picture and post when I can.
The pin is very elegant. Dave has a big heart and it shows in his work.

I have this as a pair of earrings, I wear them all the time along with a matchstick heart pair also from Dave.
DM193: Pointer pendant

Thinking about Wood Pigeons.. they are rather large breasted, blunder about into glass windows and choose a mate they stick with. They are also known to pig out on occasion. Hmmm


  1. Oh loving the generosity of Dave - what a perfect gesture and symbol. :-). Top up on all the good stuff Gary - I hope it helps ease the rough ride.

  2. So good that the hospice is available when needed.
    I have enjoyed conn igguldens books too. I have the rest of the khan series if you need them.
    Love Diana

    1. Thanks Diana. Just bought the second one and have been lent the third. Do you have any of his other ones?


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