Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac day

There is never enough time and its never the right time. I always expect to have see all the ducks line up I look for patterns and meaning and try to make sense of this muddle we call life. The glorious messiness of it. It isn't feeling too Glorious today just sad.
Gary has found this week in his own words tough. He started sleeping more yesterday and has continued with that today. He is not eating or drinking. He woke up once today and was very peaceful and very much himself in amongst the drowsiness. Zach is here and I am hopeful the girls will be soon.


  1. Hi Kat

    Jim Croce's song is beautiful.

    Vic and I are heading overseas for a few weeks, but you will remain in our thoughts. Sending our best wishes to you, Gary and the family.

    Love from Tessa xxx

  2. thanks tessa we have appreciated your cheery notes and baking,Have a good trip

  3. Love to you all. The Kurow Smiths


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