Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sunday

First lot of blood through for Gaz. He said he is feeling much better. We will probably go home on Tuesday. Gaz back onto a sub cut pain pump. Seems to be a lot better at managing the symptoms than oral meds. Will see how we go. Beautiful weather today, mild warm. I got out for a walk to Chingford, felt great to be able to leave Gary safely and go walking again. Gaz had a quiet day, watched some Golf with Dev and slept in the afternoon. I read a book. Hmmm all finished thats the problem with me I am such a fast reader they don't last for long. I shall head to the library tomorrow and see if I can get some more. It was an easy read and funny in parts.Any book recommendations are welcome.

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  1. Did you get home? This facebook page is good for book updates


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