Monday, April 8, 2013


Just put a pot of coffee on. Bathroom cleaned, kitchen tidied-vacumm lined up. Feeling settled and quiet in the house. Gaz on the couch happily watching the footy and eating fresh egg and tomato on toast. He has his happy face on.
It has been a good week in many ways. Early last week Gary awoke with significant pain in his right side (chest). He told me 8-9 on the pain scale (out of 10) he usually sits at about 1 and needs extra relief at 3-4.So 8-9 is a an alert. It was in the same spot where we knew a tumour was sitting and it was the one that had him in Hospital last year -May on Ketamine (horse tranquilizer) so it was one to take seriously. Good news from my perspective is that I felt I had the tools to manage it and knew what to do. I felt confident with the drugs and understood them. Also had the telephone support of the hospice and local GP .
The best thing was that Gary trusted me and we stayed home and it was managed successfully. It took a couple of days as we had to see where it was all going but on Thursday morning Gaz woke and said the pain was everywhere again. Now this probably sounds nuts but its a good sign as it means the chest pain had abated back to join the rest. The GP came and checked in and increased his meds which at this stage again has sorted it.
Gary was going through these adjustments every week at the hospice until the last four which have been relatively stable.
Girls have been down to visit every few days since we have been home, lots of meals and warm bodies. Zach cruising about. We chopped and stacked wood yesterday with Gary supervising some chainsawing. Both boys did teaching patiently and one listening :-). I hid in the Garage and popped out every one and then.

Since being home
Made; Tomato relish
Tomato Sauce
Strawberry Jam
 a mango chutney substituting pears
more jam
and some more sauce on the Go.
Hurrah for Autumn
Today for lunch we are looking forward to Mushrooms delivered last night from a savvy gatherer. YUM my favourite


  1. Lovely to hear everything is under control for you . xx

  2. Great to see you are making things from your autumn harvest. We have enjoyed your beans every night - thank you!

  3. Hi Kat,
    I am sure you are a Trojan Woman...a force to be reckoned with!! Great to read your blog and also Gary's. I just go away feeling so's catching! My thoughts and love are with you both.
    Sophie G. XX

    1. Sophie! lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your wishes.x

  4. You would both love our garden, Gary you glimpsed it once. We have kereru by the half dozen. Seems a pair come to gorge and they invite their friends who invite their friends and we end up with a wood pigeon party. A bit like Gary really, gathering people around him all with so much to share. Kia Kaha, love Elizabeth.

    1. I like the idea of a wood pigeon party sounds a bit Narnian or Wind in the Willows


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