Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Solar powered KAT

Sun and wind.. :D. Loving that the trees are swishing and my yard is drying.
How am I today?
I have taken washing in that has finally dried.
Vacuumed my house, cleaned, tidied, sorted bills, made awkward phone calls
Made a temporary bird table with apples on it for the wax-eyes and Bellbirds
started making a pile of necessary certificates
swept the yard
and am about to walk the dog
I have spied a job I am applying for that I would absolutely love and feel eminently suited to. Hoping they feel the same way too. It feels good.

Even though it is likely to get colder we have now turned towards summer. The sun today has reminded me of that.

This song has nothing to do with the post but its on my mind. It was one of Garys favourite songs.We used to go to Cane garden Bay On Tortola and listen to Quito sing He has a magic voice. Enjoy

Quito Rymer Mix up world

And a poem posted by Claire on her Blog Icelines



  1. It always inspires me when you write about cleaning things up in your house - I get this sense of lightness that you get after cleaning /ordering something. What a buzz, yet I am still sitting in my seat - but on Sunday after reading this post I harnessed that buzz and faced the pantry and did a clean up. Will take a couple of hours I thought (ha ha finished about 11 at night). Expired (in the sense now that Petra has left home)two minute noodles and popcorn cooked up for the birds. Ahhh, now today I have to think about the workshop so next time you can come and make something here!

  2. I'm hoping it is the job I think it is. It would be a great place to be and you sure would be eminently suited to it!
    Our garden is looking very cosy in its mulch of sea grass thanks to you Kat. Good things will come.
    No matter what is said not said done not done we all have only the best and highest intention for you. xxx Vic ...some of us are bumblers. I know because I am one.

  3. yaah Vic I have been missing you. A bumbler funny! you are the least bumbly person I know and the how are you questions that I find difficult are usually from people who are nearly strangers to me. Re the job..you may get a phone call. :-)

    1. For sure. Would love to recommend you. Definitely.

    2. :) you can breathe for the Minute..didn't happen. But I do have you as one of my referees if thats ok? I texted today to see if you were free on your days off for a catch up? ok if you are busy


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