Friday, June 21, 2013


Just made a dash up the road to drop Zach at the school bus as it is traveling the high rd today due to a fallen tree covering the harbour road. We arrived at the intersection as the bus zoomed by in front of us and then I chased it (quietly) up the road through sleet and ice until it pulled over to let some cars past. Zach was horrified that he had to catch the bus in the first place..partly because school is off his important thing to do list at the moment but also he said 'the bus driver makes me nervous on an ordinary day driving, he's all shaky'. :-(
Not good to say that to your mother as she puts you in a bus in ice and snow on a dodgy road...That was when I wished I was dressed in other than my pink dressing gown and I was driving the four wheel drive not the Yaris and I would have taken him further. Urghh.
Our bay road at the moment reminds me of myself. It is collapsed in places and weeping. There are parts that are strongly rooted and the trees branches are providing stability and shelter and other parts where the bank has has just collapsed requiring a diversion. My favourite dogwalk path has fallen onto Portobello Rd requiring me to think of a new route. The shape of the road has changed and with each rainfall down here it changes the face of it permanently. The favourite and over used expression 'a journey' really our peninsula road.. It is winding, challenging it is never predictable, you always have to watch to watch out for untoward events.
Just got a text from Zach..his bus is at the top of Castlewood rd and cant get down because of the ice so the bus is driving to town then going all the way back down to Mac bay to pick the kids up. I feel a bit better about that somehow..seems a good decision by the bus driver.

The slip on Harington Point Road between Portobello township and Weir Road.
Lower portobello courtesy of our local paper   the 'ODT'. I cant see who took the photo to credit them, apologies for that.

And a song I quite like

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  1. Hey Kat - more adventures eh! Girls were super excited to see the snow come but gutted to discover that school was still open !
    Hope you're toasty warm and dry out there on the peninsula.


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