Friday, June 7, 2013

no news is good news

I havnt watched the news for weeks and its a good thing. If I just hang in my world and look around me it is full of good and kind people. People are so very kind. 
I have had four enquiries about my Bourbon drinking, just to reassure folks I am not hiding in the dark drinking too much. I cant physically drink to excess anyway, my body says no and I just stop. I am just enjoying the odd one ( or two). Nice to have something to drink that is simple and warms you up. Rituals break up days.
I have been painting..started this and am really pleased with where its going. My studio is a healing place and gives me some structure in my day. The act of picking up the brush and decision making around it is kicking some brain functions back into life. I am still slow in my brain and a bit fuzzy. I don't remember anything from one day to the next. So if anyone asks me anything..please remind me and don't think I have ignored you.


  1. Still think of you and glad that you have your studio and passion of painting to move your through the days.....take care. xx

  2. Great to have the update and pleased you are getting into the paint! I am LOVING the pencils and water - they're brilliant thank you! Take care. XX Donna

    1. awesome post some pictures on facebook..xx


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