Monday, June 10, 2013


I am sitting at my kitchen bench looking at an Autumnalis. It is a blossom tree that flowers twice. As all its leaves fall off for autumn the buds open out, a beautiful reminder of natures quirkiness and things that don't make sense.
I didn't sleep well my brain was in active problem solving mode, sadly not actually problems that I have any chance of solving but it was hard to switch it off last night. Puss woke me twice for some food..she has an inner ear balance problem and cant jump accurately so gets me out of bed to put her up on the welsh dresser for a snack.
I did sleep in-between waking (I shall get back into the cherry juice tonight) but then found it hard to get up..Gray skies and still.
I promised Mango a walk and then my studio today for some more painting.
I have been playing with Neon paint a bit..desert landscapes where neon pops up..curious bright spots in amongst ochre and siennas. I was thinking as everything you put down on the canvas is yourself..that the neon colour is all the people and the love and kindness that emanates. I guess I would have expected darker colour to come out of me at this time..neons have surprised me and I love them.
I am laying down midnight blues and blacks against them and the shadows are creeping around..but still bright.
Two tuis just arrived in the kowhai tree and sang to me (yes to me)

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