Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday 13th

Last night I was in bed just nodding to sleep when I heard munching in the cat bowl (just to remind you all we are in the hospice with our sliding doors to the outside-definitily closed at 1200mid.).I thought that cat is having another snack, then I realized as I awoke more that she was on my feet purring and I thought an impolite thought, sat up in bed and peered at the cat bowl. I could see a small brown shape and thought yuck rat! but it didn't move move. On further investigation it turned out to be a baby hedgehog. I think it had been curled up under our laz-boy I did not know how long for. Quite peculiar and entertaining at the same time.
We went out home yesterday and I tidied my studio which felt great. It was a pigsty with paper and fabric everywhere. I have a project planned (occupation and distraction) and feel able to start it now. Gaz relaxed on couch, caught up with Mr Carr and did some bills. He was pretty sore after his outing which resulted in restless night. So today will be quiet and a catch up.

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