Friday, March 15, 2013

Red shoes and poppy fields

I just rang a friend who I hadn't talked to for a few weeks and she commented that it felt like I had gone into hibernation. The picture that I have travelled with in the last two weeks is the one where Dorothy and her friends end up in the Poppy field on their way to OZ and fall asleep. It has felt just like that this week. Partly to do with the fact that lack of sleep is catching up with me but also because in a sense time has altered and we live day to day. It has been very relaxing and restful and peaceful all of which contributes. 
I have been pondering on the concept of home. Home is where the heart is. Home is also where where you think yourself or where your mind dwells. Our home is now here and it is an oddness I am adjusting to every second day or so. Gary has made the transition in his mind much more quickly than me. Because of his disease progression and comfort requirements but also I think because home for Gary has always been at home where his people are at. If I ever went away when the kids were small(very rare) Gary would pack the kids up and go to my mum and dads for tea or his parents for the weekend. I suspect that it would be different if I wasn't able to stay here.
The girls flat in town and pop down to see him regularly. Our cat 'spacerocket' is very contented and hangs out with Gary most of the day.
Today he is feeling and looking good, he has just had 3 units of blood as his count was very low ( extra fatigue, low appetite etc). This has pinked him up nicely and he is feeling much better..
As I write Daisy the duck has arrived with three friends in tow, obviously the pickings here are rather good. Spacey is funny with them and chases them futilely each time they fly in.
Today was housekeeping day. Its funny how two small rooms require a whole day devoted to tidying and sorting. Washing, cleaning, rearranging, beds etc and in between food, water jugs, tea making coffee making.
I did get out for a walk today around Chingford which felt great. Loving those trees.


  1. Trees! I love trees too. Great listeners and calming presence :) I work with trees, braw!

    1. Hi Michelle nice to see you pop up here. I have to say I have always been partial to forests and trees but of late I have been known to hug the odd one and hope no-one sees me. The trees in Chingford feel ancient and stretch up so high. Realistically they are an introduced species and probably in their early hundreds but they feel very solid and are beautiful.I wrote on your blog a wee while ago, did it post or did I muck it up?

  2. Hi - was just checking in to your blog before I go to bed - big day tomorrow with teaching printmaking in the boat shed. We got the press down there - with me whimpering about it part of the way because the steps are so big for my legs!! Ohh, I can imagine you did a great refresh of the two rooms, filling them with good energy.I have planted a bit of your peppermint, hoping it will take - that peppermint tea is pretty addictive. So, this coming week is not quite so hectic as the last couple (blimmin deadlines) - if you want I could pick some of your rhubarb and make you a crumble and bring it in if you would eat it? I won't put too much sugar in. Let me know!

  3. I could get some gluten free flour - and are rolled oats ok?

  4. Pleased you are enjoying the tea..pick some more and root it in a glass before you plant it. That is a lovely idea about the crumble will talk to Gaz we are not eating too much pudding. AND missy got your birds yesterday. Thank you they are so cute and Trudys prints. Gary very impressed at the amount of mail arriving from you:-).Might pop home tomorrow and do some housekeeping,good luck in the Boat shed .Is it a fundraiser?


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