Thursday, March 7, 2013


A good week Gary very settled and peaceful and a few good nights sleep.No change at present other than the peacefulness which is here. He has been enjoying the cricket and soccer on TV and we now have a new resident which is contributing to his peace of mind. Our pussy cat Space-rocket has arrived. I went home on Sunday and picked her up. She is well settled and purring madly. It seems to be a happy purr and she is greeting everyone who comes into the room enthusiastically. Gary very pleased to have her and is well occupied caring for her needs. She also knows that her place is on his lap or by him.which is just as well.  Will post a photo soon x


  1. Aww glad you have some lov'n going on. xxxx

  2. Kat,
    I think about you two everyday. We are busy enjoying the good days, we hope for many.
    thoughts and prayers
    Carol Warner

  3. Hope your parents found Kit. I was in town but heard the unbelievable tale - while Fay was on the phone to Chris the dog turned up on our porch. But then proved to be a bit elusive.

  4. Kitty love is the best. I'm glad to hear puss is with you and providing some warmth, comfort and music. Love to you all. xo Ruth W.

  5. What a beautiful update, I'm delighted to hear all is well and puss is with you and Gary, great therapy! Kristy xx

  6. How is this week going? Glad to see a bit of rain for your garden.


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