Friday, March 29, 2013

Home Home

Well here we are at home. Didn't think it would happen but hurrah it has. It is magic being here. I have gone into overdrive a bit, doing stuff and cooking as I have been on hold with the house for long. But it is long over due for an Autumn clean out. Clutter spiders etc. Feels good.
We have leave from the hospice until Tuesday morning when we will decide whether to stay home or not. At this stage Gary has decided he does which I am very pleased about.
There is a bit to sort out if this happens and at the moment I feel as If I am inbetween and waiting for a sign or something which I suppose I am. Something to indicate one way or the other. It again is a matter of living day to day and making the most of them.
Gary has been very withdrawn the last couple of weeks at the hospice and convincing him to be here was a mission. But now he is here, he sees he can do it and likes it. If we stay it will involve cutting  the very large and comforting apron strings of the hospice. We are able to go back if  needed which is reassuring for both of us. We were both very well cared for in all ways. It was a unique experience that has grown me in many ways and developed empathy for people in care situations. It has been tricky at times. The last week I could feel myself getting itchy feet and it took me all my patience to stay there. I prayed so hard one night as all I wanted to do was run out the the door home(gary with me) and I had to wait.
The nurses will get some well deserved peace and quiet as I 'interacted' with them quite alot.:-)
So far Gary has been reading his book,sitting out on the Veranda, watching movies. He has also tidied the kitchen and made me a cup of tea:-D.First one in 10 weeks .Its a milestone and known as an act of love in our house. Bring it on I say. Cats are very happy and will pick up wee dog soon.He may not be so happy to come home as he loves his new people and home.
We will see, I will bribe him with Smackos


  1. Happy Easter enjoy where you are at this

  2. thank you its just sinking in that we are at home.:-)


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