Monday, March 25, 2013

BAD Dogs and englishmen

Off home tomorrow for TWO days with my man..hurrah. He is being kind to me. I have decided nagging and whining works and I shall do more of it, seriously though, I am so pleased to be going home for a couple of days to my garden and my kitchen. It will be a bit like camping. A little challenging, but I figure mainly good and great for my mental state. Looking forward to catching up on some jobs and sorting Zach out with some garden work. Lots to do outside before winter and I need to get started. And yaah to have a kitchen to cook in, not just a microwave..although I am getting very tricky with that and turning out some good dishes.
Been a lovely quiet morning here. Gaz watching cricket and Im painting. Doing a picture for a friend, its looking good and Im enjoying it.

On a more GRRR note. My wee dog got chewed by a boxer on Long Beach on Saturday much to his caretakers horror and dismay.It was one of those tan ones with white on their chest. This is the second time this year and by the same sort of dog at another beach. First time was at Harwood, where he escaped with a few bites and bruises.This time he required an overnight visit to the Vet and a long row of stitches.He also has bites and bruising and is very sad. Not good !!! I have good friends looking after  him and it is hard enough just looking after someone else's dog during this time without the added drama of dogs attacking.So if anyone reading this can identify who the person this please let me know.

 Two Tan Boxers with white fronts and the owner possibly drives a BMW. He was at Long Beach on Saturday.

 Unfortunately he skedadled before the damage to Mango was realized and his name could be obtained.
There were no Englishmen involved in the attack they are on the tele getting whipped in the cricket.

And just to remind you how cute he is and how small and how faithful...


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