Friday, March 22, 2013


Got stung by a wasp this morning reminded me to be careful about what I say as I was feeling grizzly. OH my goodness was it sore! (Got stung at 10.00am and it is still aching at 5.00pm).
It swelled up two fingers and my hand looked alot younger than the other one (Im thinking cheap botox). It was when I was on my morning walk and I started crying and I didn't stop stop til I got back to the hospice (over an hour) where I told my sad wasp story to a nurse and of course it wasn't about the sting, but easier to talk about. Tonight I am sitting here drinking a glass of Pinot and feeling very relaxed. I am thinking this was probably a good thing as I had been quite prickly and it took a wasp to let the salt out.
Gaz and I went out for coffee just for an outing which was good. We read mags and drank up the caffine. Short and sweet..bought myself some ug boots for oh man what is with the sheepskin industry...prices zoomin up ridiculas.
Friends coming for a shared dinner as they are away for a month, made a yummy rice noodle/ chicken etc salad. Lots of Nurses popping by and sniffing..promised to write recipe, out will post tomorrow.
Three days later 
and its Celluitis and Im on antibiotics with my GP ringing me and checking whether I need to go to A And E and have IV antibiotics. Good grief such a little thing. Thankfully it feels better this morning, so I think the oral antibots are working. It is so annoying, itchy Itchy and started to get quite sore,hot and cold. Bizzare. I nicknamed myself Vicas Animeras out of district 9.
Nurses here will be pleased as I have been annoying them a lot for creams and lotions to fix it, which of course did nothing because it was what it was.
Off home today for a visit with Gaz. Im Planning to clean out the Garage. Its a beautiful Autumn day


  1. How did the garage clean out go? Sorry I couldn't come Fri - but next week is more free (except for Monday)...we are round for Easter too - so can help then. Just loving the sun today eh.

  2. did my kitchen instead and the veranda felt good.really enjoyed my day.Hopefully might go home for a couple of days with gaz next week.So looking forward to the possibility.

  3. Hi Gaz & Kat, hello from Shelly Beach. Thinking of you both. Love Josie & Nedric xxx

    1. Hello! Just thinking about the beautiful Coloundra this morning. Nedric have bought you a wee tub of that Emu oil I promised. Can you send your address so I can post.You can do it through here and I just wont publish it or email Gaz.Thanks Kat.Hope all your water issues are sorted?


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